ABB Products in the USA

ABB Group is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable customers to improve performance while reducing environmental impact. ABB products in the USA include: CR460 Series, ReliaGear LV SG, and Ekip Trip Unit. Most lighting control requirements are better met than ever by their ground-breaking design and distinctive characteristics.


The company consists of several divisions such as:

  • Power Products,
  • Systems Technologies (including product development)
  • Discrete Automation & Motion.


Our low voltage products and process automation solutions for industry-specific needs such as:

  1. Energy management and security applications are all focused on providing innovative solutions based on our core values.
  2.  Resilience – Ability to withstand setbacks no matter what happens.
  3. Innovation drives us forward. Technology plays an integral role in these activities that span the globe.


ABB is expanding the boundaries of innovation and elevating effectiveness by integrating software with its electrical, robotics, automation, and mobility portfolio. In the USA, purchasing ABB products in the USA is simple. They have a more than 130-year track record of success.


Highlights of the ABB group: 

  • In October 2010, ABB officially opened its online flagship store on Taobao, showcasing ABB’s low-voltage products and becoming one of the first companies to attempt e-commerce in China’s electronics industry.
  • In 2013, annual sales at his ABB flagship store on Taobao and Alibaba increased more than fivefold from the previous year.
  • Through that, they target a more significant market audience, and people are purchasing ABB products in the USA.
  • ABB will open an online store for low-voltage products on Shopee. Co. is USA’s top e-commerce site, with 65 million online buyers predicted for the nation by 2022.


Why do people prefer to buy ABB products in the USA?

  • The online store allows consumers to shop online, find information on ABB’s low-voltage products in the USA and receive suggestions for home appliances.
  • Customers can buy various ABB electrical products from Shopee. Co. The USA online store includes wiring connectors, switchgear, plugs, circuit breakers, and more. These are all essential items for our customers to construct secure and cozy residences, workplaces, manufacturing facilities, and utilities.
  • Customers may immediately learn about each product’s design, features, and price thanks to the store’s user-friendly interface and effortlessly finishing their purchase.
  • The store also offers a chat function with an online customer service representative who can answer your questions instantly and help you better understand ABB low-voltage products.


ABB Products in the USA:

Following are the top and the best quality products of ABB in the USA:


 CR460 series:

All lighting contactors in the CR460 Series offer performance throughout the operation, exceptional application adaptability, and ease of configuration. Most lighting control requirements are better met than ever by their ground-breaking design and distinctive characteristics.


Features & Advantages: 

  • touch-free interfaces
  • Modular construction enables quick on-site configuration.
  • Electricity wires, 2–12
  • Interchangeable, constantly rated circuits
  • 30 amp maximum
  • Supplementary connections that snap-in
  • Identical parts for variants are held manually and electronically.


ABB Products
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ReliaGear LV Switchgear:

With the capacity to expand for the future of  ABB products in the USA, ReliaGear LV SG is now available to fulfill the market’s growing needs while enhancing safety and durability and assisting in saving money and time.


The reducing Emax 2 air circuit breaker innovation is merged into the tried-and-true AKD low-power switchboard platform to produce the ReliaGear LV SG low-voltage switchgear platform, which combines the best features of both systems. Users may demand from ABB the most recent technological advances and dependability from this new generation of LV switchgear system.


Features & Advantages: 

  • Functionality: The Ekip Trip Unit has built-in M-T-M or Utility-Gen auto-transfer functionality. There is no need for external relays, PLCs, or devices. On the breaker with an optional sync check module for closed transitions.
  •  Footprint: A 15-inch minimum four-high stack width is provided via E1.2 envelope connectivity.
  • Accuracy: power 1%, energy 1%, power 5%, voltage 5%.


ZTG series:

Another best quality product of ABB in the USA, For multi-purpose industrial and commercial applications that demand the reliability and simplicity of use found in a power contactor switch, Zenith has developed the ZTG Series of transfer switches. The MX150 microprocessor management system used by the ZTG series has features intended for general-purpose business and industrial uses.


It offers a simple user experience, messaging services, and self-diagnostics. The ZTG Series provides a wide range of ampere, voltage, and pole configurations in addition to several often asked-for features and options.


Features & Advantages: 

  • This ABB product in the USA is dynamically held by a straightforward under technique that is electronically controlled.
  • On 600 amps and higher, segmented silver tungsten alloy connections with independent arcing contacts are used.
  • For improved source-to-source separation on all units, arc quenching grids, enclosed arc chambers, and wide contact air gaps are provided.
  • Drive inhibit switch and control circuit disconnect plug for secure maintenance.
  • Equipment that may be inspected and maintained even without switches or power wires being removed


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  1. For what ABB is well known in the USA?

ABB is a Leading international technology corporation. By linking software to its robotics, motion portfolio, automation, and electrification  ABB pushes the boundaries of technology to drive performance to new levels.


  1. Is ABB a reliable business?

A great place to work, Everybody has an equal chance to work at ABB.


  1. What is ABB electrification?

ABB’s Electrification Industry, with operations in more than 100 nations and over 200 production facilities, is a world leader in electronic solutions and equipment. Almost 50,000+ employees are committed to creating safe, innovative, and responsible electrical technologies to improve people’s lives, connect and work.

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