Allen-Bradley Switch Module in the USA

Allen-Bradley switch Module are famous and leading name in the USA due to its high-quality and reliability.  Simply, a switch is a physical gadget that allows the inflow of electricity.  Unlike a router, a switch only provided a link to a single connected device rather than assisting many devices. 


Modular switches are the types of switches that allow you to add extensions in your network – providing efficiency and effectiveness as your network grows. Last but not the least, modular switches come in various designs and varieties.


Besides carrying out the required task, their elegant and sleek design provides a fascinating look of our home, office, buildings, and so on. Different types of network switches exist and of course, there is a different brand that deals in their production. 


Buy Allen-Bradley Switch Module in the USA 

Allen-Bradley switch module in the USA bring you well-equipped, and well-crafted switch modules. Some of our products are given below: 


ALLEN BRADLEY Push button Power Module 800E-4RL5

These 800E power modules have illuminated operators thereby designed for superior UV resistance. They are constructed of tough, die-cast zinc alloy that provide resistant chromate. 


  • Comes in various shapes and sizes
  • Corrosion resistant
  • Heavy duty material 


Allen-Bradley Bulletin 800E 800E-2DL3 Series A Full Voltage Module w/ Latch 4C

This Allen-Bradley voltage module is equipped with round and square front elements and a protection class of IP66. They are reinforced with metallic and plastic latches. Moreover, they are easy to assemble and disassemble.


  • Economical
  • Easy to use 
  • provides optimal protection for front elements 


Buy through GE Equipment

If you want to buy an Allen Bradley switch module in the USA, GE Equipment is the name you can trust. Here are some of the reasons why you prefer us:

  • Reliability

For sure, we value your time, energy, and money. To put it another way, we bring you reliable and durable products. 

  • All-round store 

GE Equipment have various telecommunication products in their store for both in your personal and professional life. 

  • Sell your products

One of the key benefits you can have from GE Equipment is that you can sell your products as well. 

Allen-Bradley Switch ModuleAllen-Bradley Switch Module at GE Equipment

Allen-Bradley Switch Module are designed to meet world-wide standards. Apart from the switch module in the USA, Allen Bradley provides other communication products as well.


In Conclusion, buying a Allen-Bradley switch module in the USA is not a complex or tiring task anymore. All you have to do is to order online or you can stop at our store in the USA! So, choose GE Equipment and allow us to serve you well. 



Why use a switch module? 

A switch module allows you to connect multiple devices such as computers, printers, and servers. Also, they are safe, user friendly, reliable, and durable. 


Which types of switch modules are suitable for different tasks? 

  • 6A/10A switch modules are more than enough for your fans and lights. 
  • 16A/20A for heavier lights, TV, coolers, and so on. 
  • 25A/32A for heavy appliances such as air conditioners, motors, and so on. 


Why choose the Allen-Bradley switch module in the USA?

Allen Bradley is one of the leading names in the USA! With a plethora of experience we offer reliable, durable, and efficient products that aids you well in the required field.


Why use a modular switch? 

Unlike the simple switch, a modular switch has a lot to offer. One can use modular switches for various purposes. For example one can use it for automation, security, and data transmission.  Modular switches are safe to operate. They are not even sensitive to metal screws and wiring. 

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