Cable Locator in the USA

How do you go about finding your own pipes or wires? Your utility company typically won’t be aware of where these are. It’s also challenging if you just need to locate the wire or pipe so you can fix it. What do you then? Utilizing an underground wire, pipe, and cable locator is the solution.


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Underground Cable Locator by Ridgid

Power tools from Ridgid are well-known for having a lifetime warranty. The Ridgid Underground cable Locator is an industrial-grade gadget with a price tag to match and one of the best cable locators in the USA


  • The three distinct antennae in the two different lobes of the Ridgid Underground Utility Locator are offset by 120 degrees. This implies that you can receive a signal from any direction or angle.
  • The wand, which is connected to a sizable yellow control unit and handle, has all of the sensors on it. With this design, it’s simple to control the unit while holding it with your thumb.



  • The Ridgid Underground Utility Locator contains a number of extra features, as you might anticipate from a high-end product like this which is easily one of the best cable locator in the USA.
  •   You can virtually track any active wire in existence thanks to this.
  • Simply searching for conductive material is all you do in passive mode. The disadvantage is that any buried metal will be pounded off. The advantage is that you can locate any hidden object, including inaccessible pipes and dead wires.
  • The Ridgid Underground Utility locator’s Sonde Mode allows it to follow pipe locators fastened to a drain snake. Use the Underground Utility Locator to run the snake down the pipe to locate it. It can track a range of frequencies and functions similarly to the active search mode.


501 Tracker II from TEMPO Communications

TEMPO Communications 501 Tracker II is made up of a transmitter and a receiver, two independent devices. The receiver picks up a signal that the transmitter sends down a wire or conductive conduit. As a result, the 501 Tracker II has few bells and whistles and is easy to operate which makes it the optimal cable locator.



  • The cost of the TEMPO Communications 501 Tracker II is fair. Both contractors and the majority of homeowners can afford it.   However, it still has a few qualities that merit notice.
  • Both the transmitter output and the receiver sensitivity are initially fully programmable. Want to turn up the voltage to find a tricky wire? Try it out. The receiver is similarly affected.  Because of this, it ranks among the best cable locators in the USA.
  • If you’re looking for a single wire in a congested environment, lower sensitivity and higher power may be advantageous. The transmitter can send signals up to 4,000 feet away and up to 7 feet deep. This enables you to locate almost any cable you require, even on a very sizable site.


Wire Tracker by Mastech

The most economical choice of cable locator in the USA is the Mastech Wire Tracker. It has a transmitter and a receiver, which are two small, handheld devices that together weigh 1.55 pounds. With the alligator clips that come with the transmitter, you can clamp a pair of test leads to a pipe or cable. It also has a grounding rod that makes it easy to use safely in many different situations.


You won’t be able to follow a wire with this, but you might be able to find one in a basement that is completely dark and has no electricity.



  • There are no noteworthy supplementary features on the Mastech Wire Tracker. It’s a rather simple unit, as we’ve already mentioned, made for homes rather than experts. Nevertheless, it still serves a number of functions and affordable cable locator in the USA.
  • For instance, it is simple to locate short circuits or broken cables. Additionally, you may locate blown circuits, locate hidden junction boxes, and track cables.

Cable locator

Cable Locator on Ge Equipment:

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What is detected by a cable locator?

Before beginning excavation work, a cable locator or cable avoidance tool (CAT) is used to identify the existence and general location of buried utilities. It seeks to prevent excavation-related mishaps.


How is underground cable located?

Without having to dig, you can detect an electromagnetic signal from the utility using a pipe & cable locator. You can use this to track and mark the pipe’s or cable’s whole length. In other words, no more digging without looking first.


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