A human brain is an incredible machine. Over the past few years, Did you know that cab drivers in London who had to memorize (before GPS) every little street in London had these massive neural networks in their heads and developed a tremendous cognitive capacity?


I’m sure the automation specialists at the Allen-Bradley distributors have the same fantastic brain structure. Understanding the full range of PLCs, from nano and microcontrollers to large control systems using ControlLogix and CompactLogix, is beyond my capabilities. These lines have something for everyone. 


Extending this comprehension challenge geometrically are all the communication options for all these lines. All legacy communications such as DF/1, open protocols such as Modbus and DNP3, I/O protocols such as DeviceNet and Profibus DP, and Ethernet networks such as Modbus TCP, EtherNet/IP, and Profinet IO are available in online platform you can easily buy it now in the USA


Micrologix family:

The MicroLogix family of controllers offers five levels of control. Small & big controllers provide control functionality in an affordable and compact package.

  • MicroLogix 1100 and 1200 controllers are small enough to fit inside. It takes up minimal space and has enough power for a wide range of applications. 
  • The MicroLogix 1400 controller expands the MicroLogix family to Application coverage area while offering great new features at an affordable price.

Micrologix 1400: 

1400 is the high-end controller in Micrologixline with more I/O, improved counters, pulse outputs, and an excellent LCD panel. It can also be expanded with additional I/O modules, making it very flexible for machine builders and other applications.


On the communication side, network connectivity is improved over his previous MicroLogix model. It has a standard serial port and can run legacy protocols such as DF1, DH-485, Modbus RTU, DNP3, and plain ASCII. 

ASCII to PLC gateway:

A much better option is to use one of our ASCII gateways. Serial ASCII to PLC gateway (435NBX product line) or Ethernet TCP/IP ASCII to PLC gateway (490NBX product line). You visit the official site of Allen Bradley and RA to purchase the micrologix products online in the USA. These products offer a much better user interface and customization options. They have been a proven leader for ten years in transferring barcodes, RFID, and other ASCII data to their PLCs. 


Looking at Ethernet and EtherNet/IP communication, Micrologix controllers, especially 1400, behave chaotically. It’s a bit complicated, but there are two essential points to understand.

  • In common usage, EtherNet/IP means cyclic I/O connection. The scanner device sends output to the adapter device, and the adapter device sends input to the scanner device. 
  • It typically happens every 10ms, but sometimes the input moves at one speed, and the output moves at a different speed.


In this mode, the MicroLogix 1400 can read and write the assembly objects of its EtherNet/IP adapter device. It functions similarly to a ControlLogix scanner but only intermittently using message instructions. You can read and write the adapter’s assembly object, which contains I/O data.


It means you can move the input from the adapter to the MicroLogix 1400 and the output from the 1400 to the EtherNet/IP adapter. It differs from ControlLogix EtherNet/IP scanners, which send these inputs and outputs faster and more cyclically.


To use the MicroLogix 1400 as an EtherNet/IP scanner device, you must use the RTA MicroLogix EtherNet/IP Scanner Gateway. This device acts as his EtherNet/IP scanner, allowing the MicroLogix1400 to perform the same functions as his ControlLogix or CompactLogix PLC. The 1400 data table is connected to the I/O data of the EtherNet/IP adapter, similar to the ControlLogix controller.


The MicroLogix series of PLCs makes choosing communication options not that difficult. It’s not as complex to learn a map of London, but it’s hard for some people. We may not have neural networks like Taxi Driver in London at RTA. Still, we understand the capabilities of MicroLogix and his MicroLogix 1400, which helps us integrate these PLCs into our architecture.


All the best micrologix products are available; you cannot need to find the physical distributor or venders shop. You can purchase the Micrologix products in the USA through the official vendors websites.