OTDR Tester in the USA

GE Equipment is dedicated to providing you with the best service, the easiest shopping and the most affordable price on OTDR tester in the USA. It is one of the most reputable suppliers providing a wide range of fiber optic communication products to meet all your needs. Our products are widely used for optical fiber cable testing, such as fiber jumper distance detection and fiber length measuring.


Wide Range OTDR Tester in the USA

We have an extensive selection for sale at affordable prices. Our technicians will help you select the right equipment for your needs and budget. In addition, we offer a multitude of equipment and services to meet the needs of our customers. Our products include:

  • PRO-5350 OTDR Quad 19/21/35/33 PM/LS/VFL
  • Viavi Optimeter Fiber Tester ATTR EOPT-Ponatt Microscope True Fiber Wireless
  • OTDR 1310/1550nm 26/24dB Fiber Optic Reflectometer Touch Screen VFL OLS OPM Kits
  • JDSU MTS-2000 SM LM Handheld Fiber 4126LM Cable OTDR Module Tester
  • EXFO FIP-435B ver. F Fiber Inspection Probe Fiberscope w/ Case


Why Choose us for OTDR Tester?

We Sell New & Used Equipment

We sell new and used equipment at discount prices. We have a large inventory of equipment, Fiber Optic Test Sets and Components for sale.

Rent High-quality OTDR Tester in the USA

Renting equipment from us is easy and convenient. We deliver to your location and set up the equipment, and we’ll also pick up the equipment when you’re done. We do not charge an “overnight” fee or any other hidden fees.

Latest models from GE Equipment.

We are always looking for new products and strive to bring you the latest and most outstanding products in the industry.

OTDR Tester

OTDR Tester at GE Equipment

If we find that the product is good enough to win the trust of our clients, we add that to our inventory. So we remain at the top of the trends to tailor our client’s needs.


GE Equipment is indeed your ideal choice if you want to buy an OTDR tester in the USA. If you are looking for an optical time-domain reflectometer, you are in the right place.

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What is OTDR in Simplified form?

OTDR is an acronym for Optical Time Domain Reflectometer. It is used to measure the optical signal over a fiber optic cable. It can also be used to determine the optical loss in the fiber. It is also used in the telecommunication industry, military, and research labs.


What is the Advantage of using an OTDR?

The advantage of using an OTDR is that it can help you find problems with your fiber optic connection before they cause problems. For example, if your cable isn’t working, it may be broken in several places along its length or have some damage near one end. It allows you to identify these areas and make repairs before something worse happens.

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