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Locating buried pipes is made much easier with the use of a pipe locator in the USA, which uses conductive or inductive ways to do so. At an access point like a valve or meter, for instance, a tracing signal can be applied to a coated metallic pipe using a conductive pipe locator.


Top Pipe Locators in the USA to buy:

Multi-frequency PL-G Pipe & Cable Locator with 4 Detection Methods.

Finding pipes and cables is a breeze with the help of the PL-G cable and pipe Locator in the USA. The PL-G can meet every need in the field thanks to its four available frequencies and four different detection mechanisms. The information gathered can be sent to your Android device via Bluetooth wireless communication. The PL-G facilitates rapid and accurate location with its vibrating grip, backlit LCD display, and automatic Direct Mode activation upon recognizing a designated cable.



  • The receiver has Bluetooth so you may send the data you’ve gathered from your measurements to a smartphone equipped with the technology.
  • As soon as the transmitter detects the dedicated cable, it enters “Direct Mode” and begins transmitting directly down the wire.
  • For more precise results, the loop-check displays impedance and phase information.
  • With the on-screen indicator and vibration mode, finding the nearest pipe couldn’t be simpler or more intuitive.
  • Keeping an eye on the pipe’s depth on the screen while in the continuous depth measurement mode helps rule out any hiccups that could throw off the readings.

Pipe locator

 RIDGID 21893 SeekTech SR-20

Among the best pipe locator in the USA is RIDGID 21893 SeekTech SR-20 . The proximity signal, signal strength, target line, and guide arrows are graphically shown on a large LCD screen, allowing for instant identification of distortion and assistance in mapping challenging locates.


When searching in passive mode, the Omni-Seek technology improves accuracy and efficiency by continuously exploring passive power and radio bands to detect and avoid unfamiliar metallic lines.



  • Passive Radio Trace: 4 kHz-15 kHz, 15 kHz-36 kHz
  • Display: Area Visible, Auto/Off Backlight, Digital LCD with Illumination, Battery Life Indicator, Crosshair, Frequency, Depth/Distance Measured, Meter Mode, Signal Angle Indicator, and Sound Level
  • Keypad: Indicators for induction and high voltage, a frequency selector, and an on/off switch
  • Antenna: The mast that can be folded into two parts, each housing omnidirectional antennas
  • Features: Built-in GPS Tracking Provides Coordinates for Use in Mapping and GIS
  • Compatible With: Line Transmitters ST-305 and ST-510
  • Application: Diagnosing Sondes and Utility Lines
  • Includes: Hard-Shelled Battery Case


Ridgid Sonde/Line Finder, 11 (long), 4 (wide), and 22 (high)

Ridgid’s high-quality pipe locators will make locating underground pipes and other utilities a breeze. Depending on ground conditions and signal intensity, a sonde locator can provide push-button readings as deep as 15 feet, making it possible to pinpoint the precise location of inline transmitters, remote transmitters, and activated direct buried cables.


Locating, tracing, and marking underground utilities as deep as 10 feet is possible with the aid of modular utility locators which makes it one of the best pipe locator in the USA.



  • Construction: Structured Electronics Housed in High-Density Polyethylene
  • Keypad: Arrows Up and Down for Menu, Toggle Switches for Volume, Frequency Mode, Sinde, and Trace On/Off Menu To Choose a Sequence of Keys
  • Antenna: Multi-Directional Antenna Nodes, Both Above And Below
  • Application: Finds Wireless Transmitters and Those Placed In-Line (Sondes)
  • Includes: Included in the package are a hard plastic case, a video manual, batteries, surface markers, and a clip.


RIDGID 19238 NaviTrack Pipe Locator

One of ths e top pipe locator in the USA is RIDGID 19238 NaviTrack Pipe Locator. RIDGID 19238 NaviTrack Pipe Locator is a Small Underground Pipe Locator and Cable Location Device. It also Locates Underground Cable.



  •  This remote transmitter locator has a small footprint yet can find even the most evasive , sondes, pipes, wires, and live electrical lines. This tool can be used to track down a variety of objects.
  •  Quicker, easier, and more precise locating is made possible by a digital readout with a micro-map that displays both the current signal intensity and an automated depths calculation.
  •  The locate position is validated by the micro-mapping display, which shows on-screen markers of different poles in front of and behind your objective to direct you effectively.


Pipe Locator at GE Equipment

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Which device detects underground pipes the best?

The Ridgid Underground Utility Locator is the clear winner if you want the best tool for the job. Everything, from active to inactive wiring, reachable to inaccessible plumbing, may be monitored by this gadget.


How reliable are pipe locators?

But the locator shows that the lines are getting closer together, individual identification of each line is still achievable down to a spacing of 1.2 d, although the error could be as high as 60%. If the distance between them is at least twice as great as the depth, an accuracy of 10% or better can be expected.

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