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Digital is not the future, it is already in our lives, and sales of telecommunications equipment are no exception.

 According to McKinsey:

“More than three-quarters of his buyers and sellers said they preferred remote digital self-service and human engagement to face-to-face interactions. Since then, it has steadily strengthened.”

Suppose online sales channels are not yet an option. Although our society is moving toward digitalization, we still do very traditional business with exhibitions and trade teams.B2B online sales are still small. Still, the pandemic has forced our sales strategy. 

There is an increasing need to consider these new channels when formulating. The advantage of going online is that you can reach customers in new markets at a fraction of the cost of deploying a local sales team.

It makes sense to sell online in industry verticals that cater to the assortment required for results (allowing for one-stop shopping) and processes tailored to the telecommunications industry. Global revenue from B2B marketplaces could reach an estimated $3.6 trillion by 2024, up from an estimated $680 billion in 2018.

Sell Your Surplus Equipment

There is a question in people’s minds: How to sell telecommunications equipment used by others?

The first thing to note is that the market is volatile. It depends on many factors, but mainly on the availability and resale value of the product in the market. It is essential to remember as many companies post-fixed quotes on their website. However, it is better to contact the buyer directly and ask for a quote than to accept the value posted online.

Another critical point to remember is that even if the equipment becomes old or useless for the telecommunications network (perhaps because it has acquired a new system), someone will still likely use it. It means that it might help others. 

Manufacturers are constantly developing new products, so you might think your device is outdated in the market, but that’s not true. With no market value, what do you have to lose? Don’t be afraid to ask.

Benefits to Sell Telecommunication Equipment in the marketplace:

Being in a marketplace, besides your own distribution branch online shop, allows you to access a new complementary sales channel online free of risk. Twoosk is investing in the e-commerce platform to bring in the clients as the seller will only be charged a success fee when there is a sale. 

So, in the end, it is like having your products selling on Amazon, but a specialized one in Telecom Networks, where you can access a community of professionals that progressively start considering it as the place to go to source telecom network materials. 

Besides the potential for sales, you will also access marketing information about the acceptance of your products within the marketplace, which is a valuable insight at no cost.

The service provided is a mix of transactional confirmed sales with lead generation that might result in online/offline sales to your company, but in the end, it is always to attract new buyers to your products. 

The primary buyer personas in the marketplace are Business Contractors building industrial plots and renovating university campuses or office parks.  And SMB Operators that do not have a structured purchasing team see the advantages of getting the products they need fast with no complications.

The categories with more sales in value during 2020 were energized equipment, namely ONTs, Fiber Optics with an emphasis on FOC, and Structure Cabling.  Coaxial and RF categories are yet not well served in the marketplace, and Twoosk sees it as an excellent opportunity to populate your product range.

Telecom equipment is dynamic in the modern age for most industries. You need a cost-effective approach to minimize costs while maximizing your communication credentials.  Many companies have Supply aims to provide affordable telecom equipment and continuous customer service that you depend on.

sell your equipment:

The telecom companies stand ready to help you, whether building your first telecom system, maintaining your existing telecom network, or liquidating your unwanted telecom equipment. 

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