Circuit Breakers in the USA

The circuit breaker is an electrical device that ceases the flow of charge to protect the circuit from damage caused by an overload of electric charge or a short circuit. As a consequence of not inserting the circuit breakers in the main board, electrical equipment can get damaged or burnt. If the overload is not ceased on time, the house or any building can catch fire.


Role of Circuit Breakers

Circuit breakers play a significant role in creating hindrances in the current flow. In an electric circuit breaker is used as a safety measure. There are three vital functions of the circuit breaker.

  • Monitoring
  • Switching
  • protection

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Some of our Circuit Breakers in the USA you can buy

GE Equipment has featured various circuit breakers under their belt. So, to find a reliable and required circuit breaker, you can count on us.

Circuit Breakers

Square D SEF364000

To sense overloads & overcurrents, and trip the circuit breaker, Square D circuit breakers use a micrologic electronic trip system. Full trip system manufactures all electrical trip cases, and circuit break insulation. It also anticipates capacity for the growth of the future.



  • It has a local metre of current
  • It has an indicator that indicates a local trip indicator.
  • Square D can indicate the overload of light.


Square D UTS3 Universal Test

It is good at operational testing and diagnosing Square D electrical trips. It is designed in a way that it is capable of breaking components and functions of tripping.



  • It is a standard circuit type.
  • It is based on a Secondary injection Test Kit.


Types of Circuit Breakers

  • Single-pole circuit breaker 

Nowadays, single-pole circuit breakers are used in houses because they can stop the overload and are designed to monitor the single wire and trip in the hour of load.

  • Double-pole circuit breaker

The name of this breaker tells that this is a two-wire breaker and monitors the flow with both wires. There are two switches interlinked in the breaker, side-by-side. Washing machines and dryers require double-pole as they give power to the appliance and attain a sustainable amount of electricity.

  • GFCI Circuit breaker

These are used in the washrooms, outside areas and laundry rooms because these areas are usually wet.

  • AFCI Circuit breaker

As a electrical code AFCI breakers are required in new houses. Suppose there’s arcing in the electrical wiring, this circuit breaker trips.


Circuit Breakers at GE Equipment

GE Equipment have top-quality circuit breakers that are reliable and easy to use. You can control the flow of current or overloads by inserting our circuit breaker in the USA!


A circuit breaker is an electrical switch that prevents your electrical system from any damage when there is short circuit or overflow current.  Circuit breaker is as important for you as electricity itself. Our kits are must-haves to ensure safety. We are offering many series of circuit breakers so that you can choose according to your needs.


Circuit breakers as well as kits attain the specialty in indicating the flow and local trip indication. If you are looking for an up-right, well-functioning circuit breaker in the USA, then contact us.

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What is the use of a circuit breaker?
It is used to protect an electrical circuit to make it safe from damage which is caused by overload, overcurrent, or short circuit.


What actually a circuit breaker is?
There is a hooked spring with a small piece of solder. The electricity runs through each solder.


Where Circuit breakers majorly use?
The circuit breaker is generally inserted in the main electrical board of houses and wherever it is needed, however, it can be inserted in any place where electricity passes.


Why choose a circuit breaker?

Fuses are not reliable because they can be operated once, however circuit breakers are more useful because they can be reset. Circuit Breaker is used via switch so it is easy to operate. It is advantageous because it saves from the damage from the excessive amount of flow.


Who to choose while searching for circuit breaker in the USA?
The answer is very simple and the answer is GE Equipment because we are trustworthy, honest, and tried and tested.

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