Eaton Cutler-Hammer products in the USA

Eaton Cutler-Hammer is a firm that specializes in intelligent power management and is committed to enhancing the standard of living of people all over the world while also preserving the natural environment. We are driven by our mission to conduct ethical business, to run our operations in a sustainable manner, and to assist our customers in effectively managing their power needs, both now and long into the foreseeable future. Eaton cutler hammer products in the USA are available at GE equipment.


Relays by Eaton Cutler-Hammer

Among all Eaton Cutler-Hammer products in the USA is the D85 series of alternating relays are used with one control switch for each device. It is possible to remove one of the loads for maintenance without having to rewire the first load to support continuous operation if the alternating relay is locked to one of the loads and it makes it the best Eaton Cutler-Hammer product in the USA. 


A control relay, a contactor auxiliary contact, and a standard DPDT cross-wired alternating relay are merged into a single product, resulting in a reduction in both costs and the number of components that are required.  Because of its modest profile, the selector switch is designed to prevent any accidental activation.



  • Flexible use is enabled by the compact plug-in design, which makes use of industry-standard plugs.
  • The addition of a second switch labeled “OFF” and two auxiliary connections are required for an anti-bounce installation. This is done in order to remove the possibility of the control switch bouncing.
  • The elimination of the need to install separate components in a duplex panel results in a reduction in the amount of labor required.


Limit Switch: model 10316

Light switches are one of Eaton Cutler’s hammer products in the USA. The limit switches of types LX, CX, and CBX are designed for use in harsh environments, namely NEMA 7–9 sites. These are places where there is a risk of an internal or exterior explosion caused by the presence of flammable gases, vapors, metal alloys, or grain dust.


Type CB provides outstanding corrosion-resistant qualities in NEMA 4X applications. Mining, grain storage, forest products, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, waste, and sewage management are some of the markets that are serviced by this company. All these features make it one of the best Eaton Cutler-Hammer products in the USA.



  • There are versions both sealed and unsealed available.
  • In the case of an internal explosion, the sealed version’s one-way gasket will prevent liquids from leaking through while allowing a controlled discharge of gases.
  • Silicon bronze housing offers superior corrosion resistance and is suitable for use in the most demanding NEMA 4X environments.
  • The design of the housing and the materials that are utilized help prevent the development of heat on the surface of the limit switch.
  • Makes use of the working heads and internal switch mechanisms of the 10316 L line that does not require plugging in.


 SmartWire-DT intelligent wiring system

Eaton’s SmartWire-DT is an intelligent machine wiring solution that consolidates complicated circuit wiring into a single wire in order to simplify panel and machine wiring making it the top of Eaton Cutler-Hammer products in the USA. Connecting components with SmartWire-DT is a quick and easy process during the assembly of your machine, and this is true both inside and outside of the control cabinet.


After the machine has been constructed, utilizing SmartWire-DT will help you save time and money by streamlining the testing and reducing the amount of time spent on installation, commissioning, and troubleshooting.



  • Intelligent wiring system SmartWire-essential DT’s characteristics and functionalities
  • Significantly cuts down on the amount of time spent wiring, enabling the installer to make replica panels seven to ten times quicker.
  • Mounting and wiring of components on the machine without fault up to a distance of 2,000 feet away from the control panel
  • Simple interface with PLCs from other manufacturers
  • Streamlines panel and machine wiring by combining multiple complex circuits into a single, sturdy cable, hence reducing wiring complexity.


XN300 I/O system

The XN300 I/O system is a great choice for machine-building applications that are intended for use in mass production settings when used in conjunction with other PLC and HMI PLC solutions already on the market. Eaton is the industry’s go-to system supplier because of their extensive product line, which includes advanced software like CODESYS, which is used for programming, and Galileo, which is used for visualization.


An extremely small, modular I/O system that is built on slice cards and features a field bus interface with a high channel density Application-oriented features that lead to lower device costs, make it easy to acquire the ideal system solution and need just a minimal amount of space while doing so.


The engineering and commissioning processes are supported by the XN300 Assist software package. Completes our lineup of XV products (HMI PLC), turning them into the ideal option for machine-building applications that are intended to be utilized in settings that include mass production.


PSC power supplies by Eaton Cutler-Hammer

Full power is available at temperatures as high as 55 degrees Celsius, and the PSC compact series power supply can cold start at temperatures as low as -40 degrees Celsius. The output voltage can be adjusted between 24 and 28 volts, and it can withstand load capacitance of up to 3000 microfarads.


The ultra-compact PSC power supplies are designed for use in industrial applications that need a highly reliable power supply to be housed in a confined location.



  • Eaton’s Compact DIN rail power supply series is designed for industrial applications that require a highly reliable power supply inside a tight space. The series ultra-compact size and affordable pricing make it an attractive option.
  • In addition, the series is completely compliant with the RoHS Directive 2011/65/EU for the purpose of protecting the environment.
  • Approvals for this product are available at the NEC Class 2 level and the Limited Power Source (LPS) level.

Eaton Cutler-Hammer

Eaton Cutler-Hammer Products at GE Equipments

If you are looking to buy any of the Eaton Cutler-Hammer products in the USA, look no more, you are at the right place. We at Ge Equipment deal with all kinds of Eaton Cutler-Hammer products in the USA. We are happy to accommodate you!



Are breakers made by Eaton and Cutler-Hammer compatible with one another?

Both the Cutler-Hammer product line and the Eaton family of goods are interchangeable and identical. There has been no alteration to the part numbers; all that has occurred is the addition of the Eaton brand.


Is Cutler-Hammer a rebranding of Eaton?

In 1974, Eaton completed the purchase of Cutler-Hammer Inc., which resulted in the acquisition of the Cutler-Hammer business. Cutler-Hammer has been fully integrated with Eaton in terms of organization, product, and production procedures. As part of this integration, Cutler-Hammer has adopted the Eaton Business System, which is a unified system that covers work processes, tools, and tooling.

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