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In the worldwide telecom sector, EXFO is the company that creates more cutting-edge monitoring, testing, and analytics solutions that are used by fixed mobile network providers, web-scale businesses, and manufacturing tools/devices.


The majority of EXFO users in the USA believe that the company’s products offer the best for  service reliability, subscriber insight and network performance. They rely on unique products in the USA, including a blend of devices, software, and services to accelerate the digital transformation associated with fiber, 4G/LTE, and 5G deployments.


EXFO is skilled in big data analytics, automation, and real-time troubleshooting. Any organization’s success depends on these skills. For more than 30 years, they have earned their customer trust and survive in the  most competitive market in the world.


Currently, 1,900 of their EXFO personnel work with customers in labs, fields, data centers, and other locations across more than 25 countries.


Best EXfo products in the USA: 

EXFO manufactures its best quality products in the USA for its customers because it will increase the trust level of their customers in the company, which will not only create a positive image but also increase the company’s monetary value.  The following are the products that EXFO manufactures for field network testing:


PP1 Service activation PON power meter:

All Exfo products are considered the best product related to field networking in the USA. Still, from the perspective of the technical experts, they believed that the PP1 is the best tool and equipment compared to other EXFO products in the USA


Next-generation passive optical networks (LAYs) often use off-factory infrastructure. The same physical fiber facility is coated with numerous wavelengths to integrate new services. Because engineers require user-friendly tools to manage this complexity on a daily basis, this new technology is more complicated.


The benefit of the PP1: 

Due to this, EXFO provides this PPM1 model created in the USA to evaluate various PON services, including:

  • Selective wavelength design allows simultaneous measurement and power level evaluation of up to two downstream signals for fast and reliable service activation. PPM1 utilizes patented technologies such as:
  • Auto-detection of PON technology is used, and pass/fail criteria can be adjusted.
  • This 2-tier PON power meter (for 1G and 10G networks) has a 2.8-inch color touch screen and a user interface with multiple languages, including Spanish. You can easily use it without any training sessions and expertise.  



Another top-tier Exfo product available in the USA is EXFO MPOLx, which offers a source and power meter with integrated test capabilities to guarantee a quick and dependable workflow for examining and approving network links with native MPO connectivity.


Field technicians can complete all the tests required for Tier 1 (Basic) certification using the MPOLx as a single solution:

  • Generate certification reports
  • Measure optical loss
  • Inspect fiber end faces
  • Check polarity
  • Measure MPO length


Integrating critical MPOLx features will promote excellent test methods and speed up technician work.



  •  Quick and Reliable Process for Certification and Testing
  • Complete visibility and control on both source and power meter
  • Integration with FiberChekPRO
  • Analysis and full multi-fiber push-on end-face examination at both ends.



EX10 is one of the best products of EXFO in the USA. With the EX10, technicians can prove that the throughput meets service-stage agreements on purchaser premises. This available tool is for area technicians or troubleshooting residential or enterprise broadband.


With each stressed out and WiFi trying out functionality, the EX10 presents technicians with insights to validate bandwidth effortlessly, hurries up to complete line fee 10 Gigabit Ethernet, check residential WiFi 6E for most desirable pleasant of an experience.


Key features and advantages of the EX10: 

  • The first tool consists of all multigigabit interfaces (1, 2. 3,4, five, or maybe 10 GE) in an easy but precise tester that all of us with a clever tool can use for validating broadband access.
  • Validate WiFi five six and the contemporary WiFi 6E transport from room to room.  To test SD, HD, 4K, or 8K resolution video streaming, the device runs Speedtest using Ookla.
  • The advanced functionality of retrieving the acquired sign electricity indicator (RSSI) and channel mapping is used to diagnose WiFi problems and offer insights.


T200S – High-power, continuously tunable laser

The T200S is a constantly tunable laser in the USA’s EXFO family, together with the T100S-HP, a tunable laser with a wavelength range of 1240–1680 nm.


The T200S is a suitable instrument for laboratory applications with constrained floor space because of its half-rack form. The screen may display pertinent information and adjust to dim optical lab surroundings so that it can be seen from the opposite side of the optical bench.


It is possible to put one or two lasers on a 19-inch rack bench using a rackmount attachment. You can control the laser without glancing at the screen thanks to controls in the corner of each screen. Following are the key features of the EXFO best product (T200S – High-power continuously tunable laser) in the USA:


Ten dBm output power with high spectral purity:

The laser exhibits a clear wavelength range with a minimum optical power of 10 dBm over the whole tuning range. Optical cavities eliminate broadband spontaneous source emissions (SSE) without compromising visual performance.


Based on the electrical hop control provides high spectral purity throughout the laser sweep, enabling reliable and repeatable wavelength sweeps.


Fast adjustability:

Technically, T200s can be configured with a scan speed of 200 nm/s. When speed matters, the T200S provides repeatable and fast measurements. Otherwise, the laser can be set to a slower scan speed (for older detection systems, for example).


Stepped or Continuously Swept Wavelength Scan:

Two user modes are available in this Exfo product that is optimized for specific uses. 

  1. Tune: With TUNE, laser control ensures excellent linewidths at all wavelengths, enabling rapid ‘go-to’ wavelength tuning
  2. Sweep: SWEEP performs a fast, mode-hop-free scan over the entire wavelength range of the laser.


EXFO products in the USA – GE-Equipment: 

EXFO is a company that develops more innovative testing, monitoring and analytics solutions. Products include a 2-tier PON power meter with a 2.8-inch color touch screen, easy to operate without training.  The MPOLx enables professionals to reach a new level of inspection and certifications performance.


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What does EXFO do?

EXFO creates more advanced/ innovative analytical, testing certified and monitoring solutions for the global telecom industry. They have trusted advisors to fixed and mobile network operators, hyper-scalers, and leading manufacturing, development, and research companies.

EXFO Products

Is EXFO a good company?

81% of his employees recommend his friends to work for EXFO, and 69% have a positive attitude towards the company. 


What is meant by iOML ?

iOLM stands for Intelligent Optical Link Mapper. Professional computerized single-mode and multimode fiber testing does not require manual parameter setting, analysis, or interpretation of several intricate OTDR traces.


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