Industrial Drives in the USA

Industrial drives in the USA have many applications in the upcoming generation of factory automation. Different types of motors are used for different tasks, such as those that turn shafts or provide energy for pumps and fans. Single- and three-phase alternating current (AC) motors, brushed and brushless direct current (DC) motors, variable-speed drives, and variable-speed drives are all examples of electric motor technology that might be used in an industrial drive.

Industrial Drives

The industrial drive is a part of the Industrial Internet of Things and consists of a motor, a drive or inverter to control speed, torque, and position, and other components such as switches, sensors, and data linkages (IIoT). We at GE Equipment deal in all kinds of Industrial drives in the USA.


Following are the top Industrial Drives to buy

ACS880 industrial drives

Our ACS880 industrial drives are designed to work with a wide variety of motors and can handle applications in a wide variety of industries and power ranges. Our drive will work with nearly every aspect of your operation, including processes, automation systems, end users, and organizational requirements.


The innovative design of the ACS880 drives makes for easier use, better energy savings, and higher production rates. The ACS880 series features both single and multiple drive options, as well as drive modules, which makes it the best industrial drive in the USA.



  • Power and voltage options are flexible, spanning from 0.55 to 6000 kW and 230 to 690 V, respectively.
  • DTC, or direct torque control, is an open-loop control approach that allows for pinpoint accuracy.
  • Integrated safety features and easy setup Support for the industry’s leading automation platforms
  • Drives may be easily installed and swapped out thanks to the memory module’s portability.
  • Energy efficiency monitoring and data collection tool; energy optimizer


SECO-1KW Industrial Drive:

Among the top industrial drives in the USA is the SECO-1K industrial drive. The NFAQ1060L36T intelligent power module in a DIPS6 package is a part of the SECO-1KW-MCTRL-GEVB reference design, which is a whole solution for driving three-phase motors.


The solution includes all the necessary system blocks for a motor drive, including an EMC filtering and rectification stage, an interleaved two-channel PFC, auxiliary power supplies, a three-phase inverter, and measurement and protection, all of which are rated for 230 Vac input and can supply up to 850W. SECO-1K and other industrial drives in the USA are available at GE Equipment.



  • With its intuitive graphical user interface, this voltage/frequency control performance evaluation process may be launched quickly and with minimal effort.
  • Helpful Resources for Motor Skill Acquisition (MDK)
  • conforming to the specifications of the FPGA/ARM Universal Controller Board (UCB)
  • Equipped to work with Xilinx’s Zynq®-7000 software development kit
  • Intelligent Power Module-equipped 850W three-phase motor driver (IPM)


Single-drive module ACS880-04FXT flange-mounted enclosures.

By connecting two ACS880-04FXT single-drive modules in parallel and sharing a DC bus, the ACS880-power 04FXT’s range is expanded to 1200 kW. The kit features an external control unit with three available slots for additional modules like I/O expansion and Fieldbus adapter boards.


The ACS880-FXT is tailored to the needs of machine builders and systems integrators, making it the best option for quick and easy cabinet building which makes it one of the top industrial drives in the USA.



  • power output between 400 and 1200 kilowatts
  • Six or twelve pulses are used to link modules.
  • Using a single drive module package allows for a versatile and compact cabinet design.
  • There is an integrated EMC filter, choke, and brake chopper.
  • Having the drive hooked up to a cooling air channel can help cut down on the amount of money spent on electrical room air conditioning.
  • Has all the advantages of the ACS880 family of industrial drives, which are interchangeable.


Industrial Drives at GE Equipment

If you are looking for the best automation industry equipment, GE Equipment is your best bet. GE Equipment deals in all kinds of industrial drives in the USA. Contact us for further information or to get a quote.

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What do industrial drives do?

By adjusting the frequency and voltage of the power supply to the motor, drives may control the speed of an electric motor. Several applications that rely on electric motors can benefit from drives’ enhanced process control, decreased energy consumption, increased efficiency in energy generation, and enhanced performance.


What advantages does the drive have?

They are adaptable because electronic parts like SCRs, IGBTs, and microcontrollers may be employed to efficiently regulate the operation of electric drives. flexibility in terms of torque, speed, and power.


If you were to count all the industrial drives out there, how many would you count?

Industrial drives come in three distinct varieties that each reflects distinct directions in technological progress. Multi-motor, group, and single-motor drives are the three types.

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