Input Modules in the USA

An input module is a type of module that receives the input signal to convert the signal from analog to digital for the functioning of a machine. Input signals act as instructions that run the module. GE Equipment brings you a wide range of input modules.


The process of modulation is divided into three steps; the first one is the reception of the signal by the input module, the second one is processing it and the last is giving the required output command.


Few of our Input Modules in the USA

New Allen-Bradley 1769-IF8

New Allen-Bradley 1769-IF8 is equipped with rack-type features that lower the cost of a product and reduce replacement parts inventory. This input module also offers a combination of AC and DC voltages.

Input Modules

On top of this, this input module promises to provide high accuracy ratings, high-speed modules, and optical isolation besides preventing incorrect module positioning.



  • Economical
  • Flexible


Allen Bradley 1746-IB16

The Allen Bradley input module is designed for the SLC 500 PLC system. This input module provides 16 non-isolated sinking inputs. Moreover, this module system draws a backplane current of 0.085 Amps at 5 Volts DC.


It also encompasses optical isolation between the input and backplane to provide enhanced dependability and flexibility under extreme and noisy conditions.



  • valuable for noisy conditions
  • compatible in hazardous environments.


Allen Bradley 1794-IE8

The Allen-Bradley 1794-IE8 is a component module that is used as an analog input module. This module is reinforced with 8 Single-ended Inputs, and a 5.13 A/cnt Resolution Voltage Current. It is compatible with analog current signal ranges such as 0-20mA and 4-20 mA and voltage signal ranges of +/-10VDC and 0-10VDC inputs.


This module can serve the instruments like field transmitters, analog indicating instruments, recorders, and other analog instruments that yield similar ranges of signals.



  •  does not require calibration
  • compatible with various instruments


Two types of Input Modules:

Generally, there are two types of Input modules, namely, the stand alone module and the Touch Input module.

Stand alone Module

The stand alone module operates the pointer using any type of input device. This works just the way a mouse or a keyboard works. The command is given through the input device which is processed by the unit later on.

Touch Input module

Touch input module, as its name suggests, with touch devices. The module senses the touch and processes which part is being touched to perform the output function. It usually uses ray cast to calculate each new touch.


Features of our Input modules 

Not only we promises varieties in input module in the USA, we also have these products with top-notch benefits:

  • Our input module provides:
  • Short-circuit protection
  • Electrical isolation
  • Robust service
  • Draw backplane current
  • Have serval spare connection
  • Lessen noise levels
  • Efficient for dangerous environments


Why GE Equipment for input modules in the USA? 

Economical prices 

One of the key factors that we look after is our prices. GE Equipment, despite being one of the leading sellers in the USA , offers economical prices for each product.

One-stop store 

One of the major benefits is we offer a wide range of telecommunication products. Besides just offering input module in the USA, we have manufacturing products, PLC systems, PLC batteries, inspection cameras, circuit breakers, laser shaft alignment tools, fusion splicers, and so on.

 Customer service 

Our customer service is our plus point. Being one of the leading names in the market, we have an updated staff that helps you out in various ways.


Input Modules at GE Equipment

Concluding, GE Equipment is a leading name in providing input modules in the USA. Though we are sure that you will be happy to shop from our Official Store, we still offer you great customer service, a 14-day return policy, and a 30-day warranty on every product.

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What are the three types of Input Modules operations?

Sensory input, Control output, data transfer


How many Input modules can be adjusted in a PLC? 

One or more than one input module can be adjusted in the PLC


What is the function of the input module? 

It acts as a mediator between the processor and the input/output devices


How to buy input modules from GE Equipment?

Buying input module in the USA from GE Equipment is so simple. You can visit our shop in the USA or you can place your order on our website.

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