Kollmorgen products in the USA

Kollmorgen unveils the new generation of mobility for more advanced machines with enhanced performance and self-assured design. Kollmorgen offers high-performance motion control with products like PC-based, drive-resident, and standalone motion controllers, as well as I/O solutions, HMI panels, and full programming software. We at Ge Equipment deal with all kinds of Kollmorgen products in the USA.


Kollmorgen 2G Motion System:

The Kollmorgen 2G Motion System takes advantage of the full performance of our top-of-the-line AKM2G servo motors and AKD2G drives, which are designed to deliver unmatched power density and control, making it top Kollmorgen product in the USA. Make the most innovative machine you can and get it on the market faster, knowing that it will have the best motion.


AKM2G motors have about 30% more torque than their predecessors, but they are the same size and can be mounted in the same way. They are paired with small drives that save space in the cabinet while giving more information about the system and unmatched tuning and control options.


The Kollmorgen 2G Motion System gives you the flexibility and performance you need to make machines that are more productive and have advanced SafeMotion features while taking up as little space as possible. Adding the Kollmorgen 2G Motion System to pre-existing machinery is a simple and low-cost approach to boost their efficiency and output.



  • AKD2SafeMotion G’s options and safe inputs make it easier to design advanced features that make operators safer and increase their productivity. AKM2G gives you a number of Functional Safety compliant options to choose from to finish designing your system.
  • The 2G Motion System from Kollmorgen is designed to work at its best.
  • Kollmorgen 2G Motion Systems offer drop-in motion performance, which means that existing machine designs don’t have to be changed much, if at all.
  • There are many different combinations of frame length, stack length, and electrical configurations that can be used with our motors.


 Kollmorgen Drives

Kollmorgen’s selection of electronic motor drives features cutting-edge control technology, several Fieldbus connectivity choices, and flexible control interfaces. Many various servo, stepper, and motor drives with varying voltage inputs and power outputs are available for your selection.. When our motor designs and automation controllers are used with Kollmorgen drive technology, they make it better.


Drive and motor combinations come with software for setting up and programming. Kollmorgen drives are also flexible, and they can run a wide variety of standard and special motors with different types of feedback. Kollmorgen drives change as technology does, and many of them work directly with safety solutions to meet new rules for machine safety.


AKD2G Servo Drive

The AKD2G has dual-axis, expandable I/O (without growing in size), removable memory, dual-channel STO, and the industry’s first drive-resident graphic display. AKD2G also has a secondary feedback option that works with legacy feedback.

  • Kollmorgen controls and motors can be used with no extra work.
  • WorkBench GUI is known for its good customer service and ease of use.
  • The Hybrid Motor-Power Connector is best for motors with only one cable
  • No adaptors, no D-subs, no splitters
  • Optical I/O reduces noise and gets rid of the need for extra hardware.


Kollmorgen Rodless Actuators

Rodless actuators being on of the best Kollmorgen product in the USA, not only give thrust, but they also carry the load without the need for guides and ways. Screw-driven models work best for axial force applications with limited space and a load that needs to be supported.

Kollmorgen products

Timing belt models are great for applications that need repeatability at higher speeds with less force. These systems can be put together to make full Cartesian systems for use with more than one axis.


R3 Series

Rodless actuators in the R3 Series have a strong design with an internal linear motion guide rail and a flexible seal to make sure they work well in industrial settings.  When it comes to acceleration and load, the R3 Series is your best bet. It comes with either a belt drive for the fastest movements or a screw drive for the most thrust and repeatability.



  • Length limit: 2,743 mm (108 in)
  • Screw models have a maximum thrust of 1,335 N (300 lbf).
  • Belt models can go as fast as 3,000 mm/s (120 in/s).
  • Driven by a lead screw, a ball screw, or a timing belt
  • You can choose from stepper, brushless servo, and custom motors.
  • Internal bearings: revolving on a rail that has been perfectly ground
  • Hard-anodized 6063-T6 aluminum is used for the bearing housing.
  • Hard-anodized 6063-T6 aluminum makes up the carriage assembly.
  • Hard-anodized 6063-T6 aluminum makes up the guide housing.
  • Acme screw: alloy steel screw with a 0.625″ diameter and a bronze nut that has been oiled
  • Hardened alloy steel screw with a diameter of 0.625″; ball nut made of hardened alloy steel
  • Case-hardened alloy steel is used for helical gearing.
  • Elastomeric seal and stainless steel band make up a flexible seal.


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What kind of industry is Kollmorgen?

High-performance motion control, analytical instruments, and state-of-the-art electro-optical systems are just a few of the many areas in which Kollmorgen excels as a manufacturer.. All Kollmorgen products in the USA are available at Ge Equipment.


Do you sell complete smart warehouse solutions?

Kollmorgen is an industry leader in the navigational tools, applications, and infrastructure required for modern smart warehouses. We at GE Equipment sell smart warehouse solutions by Kollmorgen.

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