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Allen-Bradley is a company acquired by RA. Rockwell Automation manufactured the MicroLogix products line of PLCs. Allen-Bradley is a company acquired by  RA. Rockwell Automation manufactured the MicroLogix product line of PLCs, or programmable logic controllers, for small-scale applications.


For compact automation applications that require high I/O counts, cutting-edge communication options, and process control, MicroLogix PLCs offer excellent control capabilities. Five levels of control are available with the MicroLogix line of controllers.


MicroLogix controllers, both small and large, offer control functionality in a cost-effective and portable form.

  • Micrologix products in the USA are high in demand specially the micrologix 1100/1200 controllers and the main reason behind this is their size. They are small in size, take less space, fit easily and have enough power for many applications.
  • The MicroLogix family’s application coverage is increased by other Micrologix products available in the USA, like the MicroLogix 1400 controller, which also provides excellent additional features at a competitive price.


All MicroLogix controllers offer:

  • At least one built-in expansion RS-232C port Supports DF1 full duplex, DF1 half-duplex enslaved person, and DH-485 protocol.
  • Communication with PC, operator Interface via Device Net, other PLCs, etc. Over Ethernet and open point-to-point and SCADA protocol


Additionally, MicroLogix products such as 1100, 1200,1400, and 1500 offer:

  • Built-in Modbus RTU enslaver and enslaved person protocol
  • DF1 radio interface log with DF1 half-duplex master
  •  Additional serial ports are provided by the MicroLogix 1200R, MicroLogix 1400, and MicroLogix 1500 LRP.
  • Complete read/write ASCII capability. Peer-to-peer communication through messaging  is supported via an inbuilt EtherNet/IP connection and MicroLogix 1100 and 1400.


Top and best Micrologix products in the USA:

Micrologix 1100:

MicroLogix 1000 controllers are small and inexpensive programmable controllers. This Micrologix product Offers multiple I/O configurations, available in 17 different configuration models. Footprint of just 120mm x 80mm x 40mm(4.72″ x 3.15″ x 1.57″).


MicroLogix 1000 controllers have tight spaces requiring up to 32 I/O points. Get a fast controller with advanced networking capabilities—a complete suite of functions and control solutions.



TheMicroLogix products have one thousand micro-PLC that can take care of a massive form of big-time programs at 32 I/O or under at the same time as the usage of a fragment of the distance of a tremendous controller – at a component of the price.


Here are some motives why you may select them with confidence:

  • Built-in EEPROM reminiscence keeps all your ladders common sense and records. If the controller loses power, remove the want for battery backup or a separate reminiscence module.
  • Multiple enter commons assist you in using the controller for both sinking or sourcing enter gadgets, and more than one output commons offer isolation in multi-voltage output programs
  • RS-232 verbal exchange channel permits for easy connectivity to a private pc for application upload, download, and screen the usage of more than one protocol, along with DF1 Full-Duplex


Micrologix 1200:

Micrologix 1200 is one of those MicroLogix products in the USA that is considered the best, and micrologix 1200 is one of them. Micrologix 1200 is complete with features and options designed for a wide range of applications.


Offered in variants with a higher I/O count of 24 and 40 points. Add additional I/O modules to your expansion. It allows for larger control systems, greater application flexibility, lower cost scalability, and reduced parts inventory.


Features and benefits:

  • Trim Pots: 

To quickly and easily change timers, counters, setpoints, and other devices, two integrated 3/4 turn analogue trim potentiometers with digital outputs (range 0-250) are included.

  • Program data security:

Applications can be reinstalled onto the controllers without rewriting secure information thanks to data file download encryption.

  • Memory/real-time clock module:

Memory backups offers portable programme and data security. A real-time clock can be programmed to synchronise with an independent factor and utilized to handle time/date planning applications.

  • Four Interrupt Inputs 

.Interrupt inputs enable the controller to search particular programme file “subroutines” in response to an input parameter that is recognized by a sensors or external device.


Micrologix 1400: 

One of the favorite products in Micrologix products in the USA — MicroLogix 1400 from Rockwell Automation enhances the current MicroLogix own circle of relatives of small programmable common sense controllers, with the aid of using combining the functions you call for from MicroLogix 1100, which include:

  • Ethernet/IP, online modifying, an integrated LCD, Improved functions (which include multiplied I/O quicker High-Speed Counter/PTO, and communique talents).
  • Set the Ethernet community setup, display floating factors on the subscriber front, display OEM logos, and examine and modify any binary or integer file element using the incorporated LCD with backlit keys. Programming is done using the RSLogix 500 software program (version 8.10 and above) and the brand-new RSLogix Micro software application.

Micrologix Products


Following are the advantages of Micrologix product the USA —Micrologix 1400:

  • Ethernet port offers you peer-to-peer messaging, Web server, and electronic mail functionality
  • Online modifying allows you to change the common sense ladder while this system is walking.
  • Built-in LCD with lighting provides a simple interface for messaging, bit/integer tracking, and manipulations. It also allows you to see controllers and I/O reputations.
  • Expand your utility talents via the help of as many as seven enlargements I/O modules (1762 I/O) with 256 discrete I/O


Micrologix 1500: 

In the world of automation, MicroLogix products in the USA are considered the best because of their quality and critical features. Micrologix 1500 controllers help you discover new possibilities and quickly get where you want. It offers unmatched capability, efficiency, and versatility as the most potent MicroLogix product in the USA.


Many applications that typically call for larger, more expensive controllers can be handled by it.

  • A removable processor, a base unit with embedded I/O
  • MicroLogix 1500 is enhanced and expanded with 1769 Compact I/O
  • Fitting all of a flexible system’s top features into a pocket-friendly compact footprint.


Characteristics and benefits:

  • Expandable to 512 or more I/O points
  • The terminal block is his NEMA-style removable block that is finger safe.
  • Supports complicated application applications with up to 14KB of on-board non-volatile user memory.
  • The average scan time for a 1K User programme is less than 1 ms.
  • A wide range of applications are covered, and there are up to 16 Compact I/O modules included.


Micrologix Products on GE Equipment:

There are many Micrologix products in the USA, and we all have to find and want to buy the best company product at less or reasonable prices. But the complicated thing is the guarantee that the Micrologix products are working well or not?


Micrologix products in USA such as: 1100, 1200,1400, and 1500 offer. Built-in Modbus RTU enslaver and enslaved person protocol. Open point-to-point and SCADA protocol. Ge-equipment provided the best Micrologix product in the USA along with a warranty.


GE Equipment provided the best Micrologix product in the USA along with a warranty. For all the information, contact the official number and visit the GE Equipment

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What does MicroLogix mean?

Rockwell Automation developed and manufactured the Allen-Bradley MicroLogix family of small programmable logic controller (PLCs). For compact automated applications that require high I/O counts, cutting-edge connectivity options, and control systems, MicroLogix PLCs offer excellent control capabilities.


What software does MicroLogix use?

RSLogix 500 software.


What is the main difference between Compactlogix and  MicroLogix?

CompactLogix is ​​typically used when system miniaturization or cost is a concern, but also offers longevity and expandability options. MicroLogix is ​​a small “brick” style PLC with integrated power supply, processor, I/O and available expansion modules.

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