PLC Power Supplies in the USA

A PLC power supplies provide the required energy to the PLCs. PLC without a power supply is more like a car without gas, a laptop without a battery, and a cell phone without a charger. PLC power supply comes in different sizes, so before you buy a power supply, check the specification of your PLC.


If you are the one who is looking to buy both PLC and its power supply, you are on the right page. Geequipment is one of those platforms that bring various telecommunications services under one roof.


What is PLC?

PLC stands for Programmable Logic Controller. A PLC is a specialized computer that is made to deliver under harsh, rough, and extreme circumstances.


PLC usually assists in automated industrial processes. Although PLC might share basic similarities with your personal computer (PC) but its major advantage is – it runs the electromechanical processes of an industrial environment.

PLC Power

Types of our PLCs:

There are two main types of PLCs:


Compact PLC

A compact PLC is also known as a fixed PLC. It is so because it has built a limited and fixed number of hardware modules. It does not contain the capacity to expand the modules. It has only input, central processing unit (CPU), power supply (PS), output, and communicating modules.

Modular PLC

A Modular PLC allows proliferation as it has the ability to connect with “extra” modules. It is more effortless because every component is separated from the other.


Our PLC Power Supplies:

Let’s take a look at the one of the famous PLC power supplies in USA:


Allen Bradley – Kinetix 5700 Bus Power Supply

Kinetix 5700 bus power supply occupies less space and provides flexibility and power. Its servo and induction motor control aids in assisting various complex task.


On top of that, it’s easy to install thus saves your energy and precious time.

  • Our Allen Bradley Kinetix 5700 bus power supply comes with dual axis modules.
  •  It contains 200 V and 400 V class motor support.
  • This power supply also has the larger power range – from 1.6 to 112 KW.
  • Kinetix power supply offers servo and induction motor control.
  • Last but not the least, it’s dual ethernet ports support linear and device level ring topologies.



  • Innovative snapfit bus system
  • Easy to install


Schneider Electric 140CPS11420 Power Supply Tsx Quantum

Schneider electric Quantum power supply has two main functions – apart from providing power to the system it also protects it from voltage swings. The overcurrent and overvoltage can also be controlled by these modules.


The best part of it is that they can function just as smoothly in electrically noisy environments, hence, you don’t need external isolation transformers. This power supply is a standalone type supply which does not need assistance even in a noisy environment.


No part of it has Mercury level above 0.1% at homogeneous material level, making it exceedingly environment friendly.


This has a harmonic distortion of less than 10% of fundamental rms value.

  • This Schneider Electric Power Supply has a input voltage of 115 V – 230 V.
  • It’s output voltage is 5.1 V DC.
  • Also, it comes with Internal output overvoltage protection to save the appliances from damage.



  • Aids in noisy environments
  • Environment friendly


What exactly are PLC Power Supplies?

The effective run of PLC is dependent on a powerful power supply being provided to it. Usually, a Power Supply converts the AC or line voltage into the required DC, which provides the necessary voltage to the PLC and its components to carry out the task.


Besides providing the DC to the PLC, a power supply is also a part of the backplane or rack. It is a kind of base which can help you to connect different components of PLC so that they can work together.


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What are the three common types of Power Supply?

  • Linear Power Supply
  • Switches power supply
  • Battery based power supply


What does a PLC power supplies do? 

It converts the AC to DC – providing the necessary voltage for the PLC and its components to work.


What are the advantages of PLC Power Supply?

They are reliable and have low noise levels.


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