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2022 New Sealed Allen Bradley 2198-P208 /A Kinetix 5700 Bus Power Supply

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: New

Model: 2198-P208/A



A DC-bus power supply explicitly made for the Kinetix 5700 Servo Drive is the Allen Bradley 2198-P208. Its module width is 85mm, and its input voltage is three-phase AC at a 47–63 Hz frequency. In addition to having a seven-segment display that offers feedback on crucial metrics and the drive’s settings menu, the device allows zero stacking.

  • Power supply

The primary AC input current of the power supply is 73.1 A, the maximum inrush (0-peak) current is 33 A, and the peak AC input current is 219.2 A. It produces 46 kW of continuous output power and 138 kW of peak output power, with constant and peak output currents of 69.2A and 207.6A, respectively. 

The DC-bus power supply has solid-state circuit safety, a symmetrical short circuit current rating of 200,000 A rms, and is intended to work within a temperature range of 0-50 °C (32-122 °F). 

  • Functional features of Allen Bradley 2198-P208: 

The drive has a 2050 µF internal capacitance, 453 J capacitive energy absorption, and 99% efficiency with an internal shunt resistance and shunt power of 13.5 Ohms and 200W.

  • Snap-fit method of Allen Bradley 2198-P208: 

With its unique snap-fit method, the 2198-P208 is straightforward to build and install in the drive without needing any tools. It may support up to three power supply modules, and more modules can be added to boost power output to the drive’s dual- and single-axis inverters. 

  • Various Sectors: 

The drive may be used in various sectors, including beverage, diaper, bag, tire construction, and tray loader industries. It features an integrated motion and safety function that operates over the EtherNet/IP network.

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