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2023 New Sealed Allen Bradley 1732ES-IB16 /A ArmorBlock Guard ENet Safety 16-P


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Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: New

Model: 1732ES-IB16

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Available on backorder


The Allen Bradley 1732ES-IB16/A ArmorBlock Guard ENet Safety module and the Stratix 2000 switch are often used in industrial automation and safety systems. The product being referred to is the 1732ES-IB16/A ArmorBlock Guard ENet Safety. This module is a component of Allen Bradley’s GuardLogix platform, specifically designed for applications that need a high level of safety. 

Features of Allen Bradley 1732ES-IB16: 

  • Safety devices: 

The Allen Bradley 1732ES-IB16 is an Ethernet/IP safety input module designed for a particular use. The GuardLogix safety system may seamlessly include safety inputs from various safety devices, including safety interlocks, emergency stops, light curtains, and more.

  • Remote configuration setups: 

 The “ArmorBlock” label implies that it is specifically designed to endure and resist the challenging conditions often seen in industrial applications. The Stratix 2000 is an Ethernet switch manufactured by Allen Bradley (Rockwell Automation) that operates without manual configuration. Its purpose is to provide fundamental network connections in industrial settings. 

  • Unmanaged switch: 

An unmanaged switch is a switch that functions without requiring human configuration. It may be plugged in and used without any further setup. The name “16-PA” most likely indicates 16 ports, but the specific arrangement may differ. This switch often establishes connections between different equipment in an industrial network, ensuring dependable communication. 

Combining the Allen Bradley 1732ES-IB16 ArmorBlock Guard ENet Safety module with the Stratix 2000 switch allows for incorporating safety-critical devices into an industrial Ethernet network. The safety module guarantees the correct monitoring and integration of safety inputs into the safety control system. At the same time, the unmanaged switch facilitates the required network infrastructure for communication between devices in the system. This combination enhances the overall safety and efficiency of industrial automation applications. 

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