Allen Bradley 1768-L45 Series C CompactLogix L45 Processor 3MB Memory 1769-ARM


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Available on backorder

Allen Bradley 1768-L45, paired with the 1769-ARM module, serves as the brain of your automation system, providing a robust platform for efficient processing and control in a compact form factor.  

Key Features:

  • CompactLogix L45 Series C:The Allen Bradley 1768-L45 belongs to the CompactLogix L45 series, representing a compact and powerful solution for control applications in industrial automation.
  • 3MB Memory Capacity: With a 3MB memory capacity, the processor accommodates program logic, data storage, and other essential information, ensuring sufficient space for complex control applications.
  • 1769-ARM Module Compatibility: Paired with the 1769-ARM module, the CompactLogix processor extends its capabilities, providing additional features such as motion control and advanced control algorithms.
  • Compact Form Factor: The compact design of the Allen Bradley 1768-L45 Series C processor optimizes space utilization in control panels, making it suitable for installations with limited space availability.
  • Modular Expansion: The modular design allows for easy expansion and customization, adapting to the evolving needs of industrial automation applications.
  • Integrated Motion Control: With compatibility with the 1769-ARM module, the processor supports integrated motion control, facilitating precise control of motion axes in your automation system.
  • High-Speed Processing: Allen Bradley 1768-L45  is designed for high-speed processing, ensuring rapid execution of control tasks and providing real-time responsiveness in industrial applications.
  • Advanced Control Capabilities: Leveraging the 1769-ARM module, the CompactLogix processor supports advanced control capabilities, allowing for the implementation of complex control algorithms and strategies.

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