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Allen Bradley 2711P-T7C4D9 700 Panelview Series A Plus W/ 2711P-RP9D Module

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: Used

Model: 2711P-T7C4D9


Immerse yourself in advanced visualization and control capabilities with the Allen Bradley 2711P-T7C4D9 700 PanelView Plus HMI (Human-Machine Interface) from the 700 PanelView Plus series. 

Key Features:

  • 700 PanelView Plus Series: The Allen Bradley 2711P-T7C4D9 is part of the 700 PanelView Plus series, delivering a versatile and feature-rich interface for industrial applications.
  • 7-inch Color Touch Screen: Featuring a vibrant 7-inch color touch screen, Allen Bradley 2711P-T7C4D9provides an intuitive and user-friendly interface for operators and technicians to interact with the control system.
  • High-Resolution Display: The high-resolution display enhances visibility, allowing for clear and detailed visualization of critical data, alarms, and control parameters.
    • Versatile Touch Input: The touch input capability allows for direct and responsive interaction with the HMI, simplifying navigation and reducing the learning curve for operators.
  • 2711P-RP9D Compatibility: Paired with the 2711P-RP9D module, Allen Bradley 2711P-T7C4D9 extends its capabilities, supporting additional functions such as data storage, recipe management, and communication with other control devices.
  • Efficient Data Visualization: The HMI facilitates efficient data visualization, supporting real-time monitoring and control of processes, alarms, and production parameters.
  • Compact and Modular Design: The modular design allows for easy integration and scalability, adapting to the evolving needs of industrial automation applications.
  • Industrial-Grade Reliability: Built to withstand industrial environments, the HMI and module exhibit robust construction, ensuring reliability and durability in demanding conditions.

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