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Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4 22A-D4P0N104 Ser. A 1.5kW 2.0 HP 480V AC Drive

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: Used

Model: 22A-D4P0N104


The Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4 22A-D4P0N104 is a versatile and compact AC drive designed for motor control applications. Here are the key features and benefits of this AC drive:

  • Powerful Performance: The Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4 22A-D4P0N104 With a power rating of 1.5kW (2.0 HP) and a voltage rating of 480V, this drive is capable of efficiently controlling motors in a wide range of industrial applications.
  • Variable Speed Control: It provides precise control over motor speed, allowing for optimized performance, reduced energy consumption, and improved process control.
  • Compact Design: The compact form factor of the PowerFlex 4 makes it suitable for installations with limited space, common in industrial environments.
  • Versatile Application: This drive is suitable for a variety of motor control applications, including pumps, fans, conveyors, and other machinery.
  • Easy Installation: It features user-friendly terminals and connectors for easy installation and setup.
  • Built-in Protection: The drive includes built-in protection features such as overload protection and short-circuit protection, safeguarding both the drive and connected equipment.
  • Efficiency: By controlling motor speed, it can help reduce energy consumption, resulting in potential energy savings and cost reduction.
  • Reliable Performance: Allen Bradley is a trusted brand known for producing reliable and durable industrial equipment, ensuring long-term performance.

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Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4 22A-D4P0N104 Ser. A 1.5kW 2.0 HP 480V AC Drive

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