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Anritsu MS2720T Spectrum Master 9 GHz w/ Options 19/31/709 Analyzer

Brand: Anritsu

Condition: Used

Model: MS2720T


Anritsu MS2720T Spectrum Master 9 GHz w/ Options 19/31/709 Analyzer

The Anritsu MS2720T Spectrum Master is a high-performance portable spectrum analyzer designed for professionals in various industries such as wireless communications, aerospace, and defence. Here are the key features:

  1. Wide Frequency Range: The MS2720T covers a frequency range up to 9 GHz, allowing for comprehensive analysis of RF signals in various applications. It is suitable for a wide range of frequency-related tasks, including signal monitoring, interference analysis, and spectrum clearance.
  2. High Sensitivity: With its excellent sensitivity, the Spectrum Master can detect weak signals and analyse them with high precision. This makes it ideal for detecting low-level signals or identifying interference sources in crowded RF environments.
  3. Advanced Measurement Capabilities: The MS2720T offers a variety of measurement functions, including spectrum analysis, channel power, adjacent channel power, occupied bandwidth, and more. It provides detailed information about signal characteristics, enabling users to make accurate assessments and diagnose issues effectively.
  4. Enhanced Connectivity: The analyzer supports various connectivity options, including USB, Ethernet, and built-in wireless LAN. This allows for easy data transfer, remote control, and integration with other devices or network systems.

The Anritsu MS2720T Spectrum Master is a versatile and reliable spectrum analyzer that offers advanced measurement capabilities, wide frequency range, portability, and option flexibility.

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Condition: In good working and cosmetic condition. Tested and works. See pictures. Fully loaded with dual 100g port. Ready for work. Recently used in a working environment. Fully loaded. Includes everything pictured.
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