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BALLUFF BNI IOL-802-102-Z037 BNI0085 IO link Stack light 5 Segment light horn

Brand: Balluff

Condition: Used

Model: BNI IOL-802-102-Z037


BALLUFF BNI IOL-802-102-Z037 BNI0085 IO-Link Stack Light with 5 Segment Light and Horn

The BALLUFF BNI IOL-802-102-Z037 BNI0085 is an IO-Link Stack Light designed to provide visual and audible indications in industrial automation applications. Here’s a description of this stack light and its benefits:

  • IO-Link Compatibility: This stack light is equipped with IO-Link communication, which allows for advanced control and monitoring of the stack light. IO-Link enables bidirectional communication between the stack light and the control system, allowing for flexible and dynamic control of the light and horn.
  • 5 Segment Light: BALLUFF BNI IOL-802-102-Z037  stack light features five segments or sections, each with its own LED indicator. This allows for highly customizable visual signaling, including various colors and patterns, to convey different machine or process states effectively.
  • Audible Horn: In addition to the visual indicators, the BALLUFF BNI IOL-802-102-Z037 stack light includes an audible horn. This adds an audio element to the signaling, enhancing the ability to alert operators or personnel to specific conditions or events.
  • Industrial Durability: Industrial stack lights like the BNI0085 are built to withstand harsh industrial environments. They are typically designed to be rugged, resistant to vibration, and suitable for use in areas with dust, moisture, or temperature variations.
  • Enhanced Visibility: Stack lights are commonly used on machinery and equipment to improve visibility and provide quick status updates. They are particularly valuable in manufacturing and process control environments.

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BNI IOL-802-102-Z037