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Balluff BNI006A Link Master Ethernet/IP Digital I/O 2035CN BNI EIP-508-105-Z015

Brand: Balluff

Condition: Used

Model: BNI006A


The Balluff BNI006A Link Master Ethernet/IP Digital I/O 2035CN is an advanced Ethernet/IP Digital I/O module designed to provide efficient communication and control capabilities in industrial automation systems. As part of the Balluff BNI EIP-508-105-Z015 series, this Link Master offers seamless integration with Ethernet/IP networks, allowing for reliable data exchange and real-time control in complex industrial environments.

Key Features and Benefits of Balluff BNI006A Link Master Ethernet/IP Digital I/O 2035CN:

  • Ethernet/IP Communication: The BNI006A Link Master supports Ethernet/IP communication protocol, enabling fast and reliable data transfer between connected devices and the central control system.
  • Digital I/O Functionality: The module features a combination of digital inputs and outputs, providing the flexibility to interface with a variety of sensors and actuators in automation systems.
  • High Performance: With its advanced communication capabilities, the BNI006A Link Master ensures real-time data exchange, resulting in precise control and synchronization of processes.
  • Plug-and-Play Installation: The Link Master is designed for easy integration into existing Ethernet/IP networks, offering a simple plug-and-play installation process.


The Balluff BNI006A Link Master Ethernet/IP Digital I/O 2035CN is a versatile and reliable module that enables seamless communication and control in industrial automation applications. 

The Balluff BNI006A Link Master is a device used in industrial automation and control systems to interface digital I/O (Input/Output) signals with an Ethernet/IP network. Here’s a detailed description of this product and its benefits:

  • Ethernet/IP Connectivity: The Balluff BNI006A Link Master is designed to connect digital I/O devices to an Ethernet/IP network. Ethernet/IP is a widely used industrial network protocol that allows real-time data exchange between devices, making it suitable for industrial automation and control applications.
  • Digital I/O: This device supports digital I/O, which means it can handle binary signals, such as on/off or high/low signals. Digital I/O is commonly used for tasks like sensing the status of sensors or controlling the state of actuators in industrial processes.
  • Master Device: The BNI006A Link Master is often referred to as a “master” because it manages the communication between digital I/O devices and the Ethernet/IP network. It serves as an interface, allowing these devices to send and receive data over the network.
  • Industrial Automation: This product is well-suited for industrial automation applications where real-time communication between devices is essential for efficient and reliable control of manufacturing processes.
  • Balluff Quality: Balluff is a respected manufacturer in the field of industrial automation and sensor technology. Their products are known for their quality and reliability in demanding industrial environments.

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