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Bionet BM3Vet Veterinary Vital Signs Monitor


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Brand: Bionet

Condition: Used

Model: BM3Vet-Pro

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Available on backorder

The Bionet BM3Vet, Veterinary Vital Signs Monitor, is advanced medical equipment explicitly created for veterinary specialists. It is designed with meticulous attention to detail and dependability, providing a comprehensive monitoring system for vital signs. It allows for precise evaluation and control of animal health.

Features of Bionet BM3Vet:

The Bionet BM3Vet enables the concurrent monitoring of vital signs, such as ECG, respiration, temperature, and blood pressure, offering a full assessment of the animal’s physiological condition. 

  • User-friendly design

The veterinary monitor has an intuitive user interface that includes a user-friendly design and easy-to-understand controls. This simplifies the monitor’s use and improves workflow efficiency, making it suitable for users of all levels of experience. 

  • Highly portable.:

Due to its tiny and lightweight design, the Bionet BM3Vet is highly portable. It allows veterinarians to monitor patients easily in different clinical settings, such as exam rooms, treatment areas, and surgery suites. The Bionet BM3Vet has a high-resolution color LCD screen, which offers clear and easily readable visual feedback. It ensures accurate interpretation of vital sign data. 

  • Customizable settings: 

The Bionet BM3Vet has an advanced alarm system with customizable settings. This system notifies veterinary workers of irregular vital signs and potential medical emergencies, enabling quick intervention and patient care. 

  1. Data Management Capabilities: 

The Bionet BM3Vet has integrated features for storing and retrieving data, enabling effortless examination and analysis of patient information. It promotes efficient and thorough medical recordkeeping and documentation. 

  • Range of power options:

The Bionet BM3Vet provides a range of power options, such as AC power and battery operation, to allow for continuous monitoring in remote or mobile veterinary situations. 

  • Dependable and adaptable solution:

The Bionet BM3Vet, Veterinary Vital Signs Monitor, is a dependable and adaptable solution for veterinary practices, providing advanced monitoring features, user-friendly operation, and portability for comprehensive patient care. 

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