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Distech Controls ECC-VAVS Lonworks Controller CDIC-VASX-00 ECC VAVS CDIC VASX


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Brand: Distech Controls

Condition: New

Model: CDIC-VASX-00

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Available on backorder

Distech Controls ECC-VAVS Lonworks Controller CDIC-VASX-00 ECC VAVS CDIC VASX

The Distech Controls ECC-VAVS Lonworks Controller CDIC-VASX-00 is a LonWorks-based variable air volume (VAV) controller used in building automation and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning) systems. Here’s a detailed description of this product and its benefits:

  • Building Automation: This controller is designed for building automation applications, specifically for controlling VAV systems. VAV systems are commonly used in commercial and industrial buildings to regulate airflow and maintain comfortable indoor environments.
  • LonWorks Protocol: LonWorks is a widely adopted open standard for building automation and control networks. It allows various devices and controllers to communicate and work together seamlessly, promoting interoperability.
  • VAV Control: The controller is specifically tailored for VAV systems, which are known for their energy efficiency and precise control of air distribution in large spaces. VAV systems can help reduce energy consumption and operating costs.
  • ECC VAVS: The ECC-VAVS designation likely indicates that this controller is part of Distech Controls’ ECC (Energy Control and Conservation) series, specialised for VAV applications.
  • Customization: Controllers like the Distech Controls ECC-VAVS Lonworks Controller CDIC-VASX-0 can be customised to meet the specific needs of a building’s HVAC system. This flexibility ensures that the system can be optimised for efficiency and comfort.
  • Integration: LonWorks controllers can integrate seamlessly with other building automation components, such as sensors, actuators, and central management systems. This enables centralised monitoring and control of HVAC systems.
  • Energy Efficiency: Distech Controls ECC-VAVS Lonworks Controller CDIC-VASX-0 VAV systems are known for their energy-saving capabilities. By modulating airflow based on occupancy and temperature, they can significantly reduce energy consumption compared to constant air volume systems.

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