EXFO MAX-730C MaxTester SM iOLM OTDR MAX-730C-SM1-EA 1310 1550 Live


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Available on backorder

EXFO MAX-730C MaxTester SM iOLM OTDR MAX-730C-SM1-EA 1310 1550 Live

The EXFO MAX-730C MaxTester SM iOLM OTDR is a powerful optical time-domain reflectometer designed for single-mode fiber testing. Here are some key features:

  • Single-Mode Fiber Testing: The MAX-730C is optimized for testing single-mode fibers commonly used in long-haul and metro networks. It operates at two wavelengths: 1310nm and 1550nm, which are the standard wavelengths for single-mode fiber testing.
  • iOLM Technology: The MAX-730C incorporates EXFO’s iOLM (intelligent Optical Link Mapper) technology, which provides automated and intelligent testing and analysis of optical links. The iOLM technology simplifies the testing process by automatically detecting and locating events such as splices, connectors, and bends, and provides comprehensive analysis and reporting of the link’s performance.
  • Live Fiber Testing: The MAX-730C supports live fiber testing, allowing you to perform tests on live networks without causing disruption or downtime. This is particularly useful for troubleshooting and monitoring active optical networks.
  • High Dynamic Range: The instrument offers a high dynamic range (typically 44dB), enabling it to accurately measure and analyze long fiber links with high attenuation or numerous events. This ensures accurate characterization of the fiber link and identification of potential issues.

The EXFO MAX-730C MaxTester SM iOLM OTDR is a feature-rich and versatile instrument for single-mode fiber testing.

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