Johnson Controls Metasys MS-NAE4510-2 Controller NAE 4510-2 Ver 8.0



The Johnson Controls Metasys MS-NAE4510-2 Controller, also known as NAE 4510-2, is a powerful and advanced building automation controller designed to provide efficient and intelligent control for various building systems. 

Key Features and Benefits of  Johnson Controls Metasys MS-NAE4510-2:

  • Advanced Building Control: The MS-NAE4510-2 is equipped with cutting-edge technology to manage and control various building systems, including HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, and Air Conditioning), lighting, security, and more.
  • Open Integration: The controller supports open communication protocols such as BACnet, Modbus, and LonWorks, allowing seamless integration with a wide range of third-party devices and systems.
  • Scalable Architecture: The MS-NAE4510-2 offers a scalable architecture, making it suitable for buildings of various sizes and complexities. It can handle both small and large-scale applications, providing flexibility for future expansions.
  • Real-time Monitoring: The controller enables real-time monitoring and data acquisition, allowing facility managers to have a comprehensive view of building systems’ performance and energy usage.
  • Energy Optimization: With advanced control algorithms and energy management features, the MS-NAE4510-2 helps optimize energy consumption and reduce operating costs while maintaining occupant comfort.

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The Johnson Controls Metasys MS-NAE4510-2 Controller is a reliable and intelligent solution for building automation and energy management.

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