Megger TTR300 Three-Phase 3 Phase Transformer Turns Ratio Test Set TTR 300 Kit


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Available on backorder


Megger TTR300  is specifically designed for three-phase applications, this advanced kit, denoted as the TTR 300, empowers professionals in the field with precise and efficient transformer turns ratio testing. 

Key Features:

  • Three-Phase Transformer Testing: Tailored for three-phase transformer applications, the Megger TTR300 offers a comprehensive solution for accurately measuring turns ratios, an essential parameter in transformer performance.
  • Advanced Turn Ratio Measurement: The Megger TTR300 is equipped with advanced measurement capabilities, providing accurate readings of turns ratios and ensuring the transformer’s conformity to specified standards.
  • Wide Application Range: Suitable for a broad range of transformer types and sizes, the TTR300 accommodates various three-phase transformers commonly found in industrial and utility settings.
  • User-Friendly Interface: Featuring a user-friendly interface, the test set simplifies the testing process, allowing technicians to navigate through different functions and parameters with ease.
  • Digital Display and Data Storage: The digital display provides clear and precise readings, and the test set supports data storage, allowing technicians to record and analyze test results for comprehensive assessment.
  • Quick and Efficient Testing: The Megger TTR300 is designed for quick and efficient testing, streamlining the turns ratio measurement process and minimizing downtime during transformer maintenance and commissioning.
  • Robust and Portable Design: Built with durability in mind, the test set is housed in a robust casing, ensuring longevity and reliability in various field conditions. Its portable design facilitates on-site testing.
  • Comprehensive Kit: The Megger TTR300 kit includes all necessary components for three-phase transformer turns ratio testing, providing a complete solution for professionals in the field.

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