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MMC Danaher Motion Giddings & Lewis Kollmorgen M.1301.4145 M13014145 R0

Brand: Kollmorgen

Condition: Used

Model: M.1301.4145



The MMC Danaher Motion Giddings & Lewis Kollmorgen M.1301.4145, or M13014145 R0, is a highly accurate motion control system created for industrial use. Developed by Danaher Motion, a prominent company in motion control technology worldwide, this system incorporates sophisticated components to provide exceptional performance and dependability.

Cutting-edge servo motors and drives 

The M13014145 R0 has cutting-edge servo motors and drives from Kollmorgen, known for their exceptional accuracy and long-lasting performance. These components facilitate accurate manipulation of machinery, guaranteeing seamless functioning and optimal efficiency.


The M13014145 R0 is quite versatile. The system can be tailored to fulfil the precise needs of sectors such as aerospace, automotive, electronics, and others. This motion control system excels in many applications, offering high-speed positioning, precise velocity control, and dynamic torque response.

Control algorithms and feedback systems:

The system’s sophisticated control algorithms and feedback systems improve its responsiveness and precision, enabling it to adjust to changing operating conditions effortlessly.


  • The high level of adaptability guarantees a steady performance. It reduces the time when the system is not functioning, improving productivity and efficiency in industrial operations.
  • Furthermore, the M13014145 R0 is precisely engineered with a focus on dependability. 
  • Durable construction, thorough testing, and quality assurance protocols guarantee sustained performance under challenging conditions. 
  • This system offers users the advantage of minimal maintenance needs, ensuring uninterrupted and continuous functioning.
  • Ultimately, the MMC Danaher Motion Giddings & Lewis Kollmorgen M.1301.4145 M13014145 R0 is a prime example of advanced motion control technology that excels in precision.
  • Due to its superior features, versatility, and reliability, it is a reliable solution for optimizing industrial operations in several sectors.

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