New 2022 Allen Bradley 1734-IE4C /C POINT I/O Current Input 4-Channel Module


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Available on backorder

The Allen Bradley 1734-IE4C is a current input 4-channel module designed for use with the POINT I/O platform from Allen Bradley. Here are some key features of the Allen Bradley 1734-IE4C module:


  • Current Input Channels: The module has four input channels, allowing it to handle four separate current signals simultaneously. Each channel can be configured to accept a specific range of current values.
  • Versatile Input Range: The 1734-IE4C module supports a wide range of current input values, which can be set up through the programming software. This flexibility makes it suitable for various current sensing applications.
  • High Precision: The module is designed to provide accurate and precise current measurements. It ensures that the data acquired from sensors or devices is reliable and can be used for control and monitoring purposes.
  • POINT I/O Platform Compatibility: The 1734-IE4C module is part of the POINT I/O system, a modular I/O platform from Allen Bradley

Overall, the Allen Bradley 1734-IE4C is a reliable and efficient current input module designed to meet the demands of industrial automation applications. It provides accurate current measurements and seamless integration with the POINT I/O system, making it a valuable component of a comprehensive control and monitoring solution.

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