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New 2022 Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-L83 ES /B GuardLogix5580 Processor 15MB


Available on backorder

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: New

Model: 1756-L83ES /B

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Available on backorder


The 2022 Allen Bradley 1756-L83 ES/B model is now available, including a sealed design. The GuardLogix 5580 Pro is a highly innovative and reliable solution in industrial automation. This controller is designed to suit the changing requirements of modern manufacturing environments. It combines advanced technology with solid durability to provide exceptional performance and versatility.

Robust Logix platform

The Allen Bradley 1756-L83 ES/B GuardLogix 5580 Pro is built around the robust Logix platform, which offers superior processing power and speed to perform complex control tasks effortlessly. 

Unparalleled scalability and flexibility

This controller has unparalleled scalability and flexibility, as it can handle up to 150 simultaneous tasks and accommodate 100 controllers inside a single system. This makes it highly suitable for many automation applications.


  1. The Allen Bradley 1756-L83 ES/B has a sealed enclosure, which offers excellent defense against dust, moisture, and other environmental pollutants—and guarantees dependable performance even in challenging industrial settings.
  2.  The sturdy design of this construction reduces the amount of time that the system is not functioning and the need for maintenance, ensuring continuous production and the highest possible amount of time that the system is operational.
  3. The Allen Bradley 1756-L83 ES/B GuardLogix 5580 Pro prioritizes safety by obtaining SIL 3 certification, incorporating safety interlocks, and utilizing powerful diagnostic tools to guarantee adherence to rigorous safety regulations. 
  4. Operators can continuously observe the system’s current state and promptly react to any possible safety risks, ensuring the protection of both individuals and machinery.
  5. The new 2022 sealed Allen Bradley 1756-L83 ES/B GuardLogix 5580 Pro establishes a higher benchmark for industrial control systems with its enhanced features, durable build, and exceptional performance.

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1756-L83ES /B