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New No Box 2022 Allen Bradley 1732ES-IB16 /A ArmorBlock Guard ENet Safety 16P

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: New – Open box

Model: 1732ES-IB16


The Allen Bradley 1732ES-IB16 is part of the ArmorBlock Guard series, which is designed for enhanced safety control in industrial applications. Here’s a detailed product description with benefits:

  • Safety Control: The 1732ES-IB16 is specifically designed for safety control applications. It offers advanced safety features to help protect workers and equipment in industrial environments.
  • 16P: This indicates that the module provides 16 points of connectivity or I/O (Input/Output). In safety applications, these I/O points are used to interface with safety devices, such as safety sensors or emergency stop buttons.
  • ENet Safety: The “ENet Safety” designation means that this module is compatible with Ethernet-based safety communication protocols. This allows for efficient and reliable safety data exchange in real-time across your industrial network.

New No Box: Although the product is new, the “No Box” designation suggests that it may not come in its original packaging. However, it has never been used and is in pristine condition, ready for installation.

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New Open Box 2022 Allen Bradley 1732ES-IB16 /A ArmorBlock Guard ENet Safety 16P
In new working and cosmetic condition. Never used. See pictures.

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New – Open box