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Olympus Panametrics Epoch LTC Handheld Ultrasonic Flaw Detector DGS/AVG Pulser


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Brand: Olympus

Condition: Used

Model: Epoch LTC

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Available on backorder


The Olympus Panametrics Epoch LTC Handheld Ultrasonic Flaw Detector DGS/AVG Pulser revolutionizes industrial non-destructive testing (NDT). This module is Designed for portability and simplicity of use; this portable instrument provides unrivaled versatility and performance in identifying and characterizing faults in various materials and structures.

USEs of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: 

The Epoch LTC, which uses modern ultrasonic technology, provides:

  • Accurate and dependable flaw detection.
  • Enabling inspectors to find flaws like cracks.
  • Voids.
  • Discontinuities with high precision.

Features of Ultrasonic Flaw Detector: 

  • Its Dynamic Gain System (DGS) and A-scan display features provide real-time presentation of test findings, allowing for faster analysis and interpretation of inspection data.
  • This fault detector delivers high-energy ultrasonic pulses, guaranteeing excellent penetration and sensitivity even in strict inspections.
  • Scenarios. Its ergonomic design and straightforward user interface improve operator comfort and productivity, allowing for prolonged operation in harsh field situations.
  • The Epoch LTC is designed to endure the demands of industrial applications, with sturdy construction and extensive environmental sealing to guard against dust, moisture, and mechanical damage.
  •  Its tiny form size and extended battery life make it ideal for on-site inspections, allowing inspectors to run tests effectively without being attached to a power source.

the Olympus Panametrics Epoch LTC Handheld Ultrasonic Flaw Detector DGS/AVG Pulser is a flexible and dependable option for non-destructive testing needs. Its innovative features, ergonomic design, and sturdy construction enable inspectors to spot flaws accurately and efficiently in various industrial environments, assuring the integrity and dependability of vital assets.

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