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Siemens Sensitrip IV SPD6A160LSI Electronic Circuit Breaker 1600 1600A

Brand: Siemens

Condition: Used

Model: SPD6A160LSI



Siemens Sensitrip IV SPD6A160LSI Electronic Circuit Breaker 1600 1600A

The Siemens Sensitrip IV SPD6A160LSI is an electronic circuit breaker designed for high-current applications.  Here are the key features:

  1. Electronic Circuit Breaker: The SPD6A160LSI is an electronic circuit breaker, which means it uses advanced electronic components and technology to provide accurate and fast protection against overcurrent and short circuits.
  2. High Current Rating: With a rating of 1600A, this circuit breaker is suitable for heavy-duty applications that require high current handling capacity. It can effectively protect electrical systems that have large power loads.
  3. Sensitrip IV Technology: The Sensitrip IV technology used in this circuit breaker enables precise and reliable tripping characteristics. It ensures that the circuit breaker operates quickly and accurately in response to overcurrent and short circuit conditions.
  4. Adjustable Trip Settings: The SPD6A160LSI allows for adjustable trip settings, which means you can configure the circuit breaker to trip at specific current levels. This customization provides flexibility in matching the protection requirements of different applications.
  5. LED Status Indicators: The circuit breaker is equipped with LED status indicators that provide visual feedback on the breaker’s status. These indicators help with easy identification of tripped conditions and troubleshooting.

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Additional Information:

In summary, the Siemens Sensitrip IV SPD6A160LSI electronic circuit breaker is a robust and reliable solution for high-current applications.

Condition: In good working and cosmetic condition. Tested and works.

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