Thermo Scientific Niton XL3t 980 GOLDD+ XRF Analyzer General Metals W/ Camera


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Available on backorder

Niton XL3t 980 Advanced electronics and materials technology, dynamic features, and the most adaptable x-ray tubes ever utilized in a portable XRF device are combined in the Thermo ScientificTM NitonTM XL3t analyzer. Using this power with our ground-breaking Thermo ScientificTM GOLDD technology raises the bar for your analytical capabilities.

  • Real Time Results of Niton XL3t 980:

 You will directly profit from real-time results and optimal performance in our firm, tested design. The ergonomic Thermo Scientific TM Niton XL3t 980 GOLDD analyzers are lightweight, robustly built, and quick. 

  • Speed and Accuracy:

They also include an integrated tilting color touch-screen display, adjustable menus for ease of use, and outstanding speed and accuracy. 

Benefits and attributes of Niton XL3t 980:

  • Significant gains in sensitivity or measurement times are provided by GOLDD technology, which is up to three times more accurate and up to ten times quicker than traditional silicon drift detectors (SDD).
  • Our increase was made possible by a unique combination of carefully optimized geometry, proprietary signal processing hardware and software, and an enhanced Niton XL3t 980 50kV, 40 μA x-ray tube.
  •  When these benefits are combined with our in-house developed drift detector—one of the most prominent area drift detectors available in a portable XRF analyzer—you get better results, including quicker analysis times and lower detection limits. 
  • The result is the Niton XL3t 980 GOLDD, a portable XRF analyzer with more versatility and cutting-edge technology that was created with no compromises to increase your success. 

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