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Since 1972, Red Lion Controls has provided cutting-edge solutions to international markets via communication, monitoring, and control for industrial automation and networking. Companies all throughout the world may now have real-time data visibility, which increases productivity. Red Lion is a component of Spectris plc, providing instruments and controls that increase productivity.


A subsidiary of Spectris plc, a leader in adding context through accurate measurements, is Red Lion Controls Products in the USA. The worldwide set of businesses at Spectris is committed to providing unrivaled value to all of our stakeholders. Red lion controls focus on large, alluring, durable markets where long-term forces favor growth and significant returns.


Red lion controls work is centered on precision. With the help of our cutting-edge instruments and test equipment, along with the strength of our software and services, they provide/ deliver the customers expert knowledge about the Red Lion Controls Products in the USA. Customers now have the tools necessary to speed up the time to market while also enhancing output, quality, and procedures.

Red Lion Controls

Best Red Lion Controls Products in the USA:

Following are the best Red Lion Controls Products in the USAto buy:


The Data Station Plus was created to serve as a hub for the administration and collection of industrial data. The device provides data logging, various protocol conversion, and remote machine access. The gadget converts protocols to enable smooth communication between multiple devices with three built-in serial connections and a 10 Base-T/100 Base-TX Ethernet interface.


Data collection and storage for subsequent examination are both made possible by the CompactFlash card. A method for permanently storing the data on a PC’s hard drive is provided by the free Websync application. You can add new configuration files to the Data Station using the CompactFlash card.


Manually retrieving log files is possible thanks to the built-in web server, which also gives users access to the special “virtual HMI.” The HMI may be seen or operated from a PC anywhere in the globe using any standard web browser, such as Internet Explorer or Netscape.


The Data Station’s CompactFlash card may be mounted as an external drive on your PC via the USB interface, allowing lightning-fast file downloads. The Data Station’s DIN rail connector connects rapidly to a conventional top hat (T) profile DIN rail, saving time and panel space.


Characteristics and Benefits:

  • Built-in PC-based SCADA functionality is provided through virtual HMI (DSPSX & DSPGT)
  • Web servers provide global access to data logs and virtual HMI.
  • With an extensive built-in driver list, simple data mapping to PLCs, PCs, and SCADA systems is made possible.
  • Users can use Alarm Email or text messages to deliver notifications (DSPSX & DSPGT)
  • Virtually infinite integration methods are available because of simultaneous independent serial ports.
  • Use in Hazardous Locations Listed by UL



The workhorse of our lineup of panel meters is the PAX meter from Red Lion. The PAX series provides a five- or six-digit display with a red display that the user can read in direct sunlight or a green display for indoor use.


Analog and digital interfaces are available on this Red Lion Controls Products in the USA, including voltage/current, process inputs, rate, temperature sensors, counter, strain gauge, timer, and amperage. The meter features recording duration and storage for max and min rate readings.


Generator choices range from 11 to 36 VDC / 24 VAC or 85 to 250 VAC. Optional chips can also include linear DC outputs, quad sinking/sourcing, or twin or quad relays.


Features and benefits:

Following are the reasons that the people preferred this Red Lion Controls Products in the USA:

  • Smarter Thermometer, 1/8 DIN
  • 54″ or 0.56″ 5- or 6-Digit Red or Green LED Display (14 mm)
  • 80” x 1.95” (97 x 50 mm) (97 x 50 mm)
  • Count, Frequency, TimeProcess, Current, Voltage, Strain-Gage, Temperature,
  • 3 Option Card Spaces, Customized Measurements Overlays for Digital Indicators.


Red Lion’s CUB5

Red Lion’s CUB5 panel meter is the most adaptable one currently on the market because of its comprehensive user programming, selectable setpoint control, and communication features. Additionally, the meter may be configured as a single or dual setpoint control.


The CUB5 series comes with a red/green backlit display or a reflective LCD with five or eight digits. For industrial applications, the CUB5 offers a wide range of inputs. The CUB5 may have its capabilities enhanced by adding up to two option cards.


The single setpoint relay output card or the dual setpoint solid state output card can be added in the field by a skilled technician to provide setpoint capability. There are cards for RS-232, RS-485, and USB connectivity.



The following are the Advantages of CUB5 :

  • The power supply for the input ranges from 9 to 28 VDC.
  • Field-installable relay or SSR, single- or dual-setpoint controls, and connectivity adapters
  • Dimensions: 2.68″ (68 mm) wide, 1.3″ (33 mm) tall, and 1.29″ deep (44 mm)


Headquarters of Red Lion Controls Products: 

As a result, Spectris’ expertise adds value to society as our clients plan, research, evaluate, and produce their products to help make the world a better, safer, and much more productive environment. In addition to having its headquarters in Egham, Surrey, the United Kingdom, Spectris also has offices in more than 30 other nations.


Red Lion Controls Products at GE Equipment:

GE Equipment offers the most outstanding business equipment at fair costs and in good condition. We deal with all business telecom and networking products. Red Lion Controls prioritize markets that are sizable, appealing, and long-lasting.  The PAX series has a five- or six-digit display with a red screen for outdoor use and a green screen for indoor use.


The size and functionality of Red Lion’s CUB5 make it one of the most potent meters on the market. GE Equipment is the best option for Red Lion Controls Products in the USA to save money and time. You can contact us at our official number for ordering.

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What is the objective of Red Lion Controls?

Since 1972, Red Lion has provided cutting-edge solutions to international customers using a control for industrial automation, communication, monitoring, and networking. It has allowed businesses worldwide to receive actual data accessibility that quality of personnel.


Where is the headquarters of RL Controls, and when was it founded?

The company was established in 1972, and York, Pennsylvania, serves as its headquarters.


What is meant by a modular controller?

By simply dragging and dropping in I/O components that fit the user’s needs, the Modular Controller provides a framework that products can upgrade to work in a wide range of applications.


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