Reliable Variable Frequency Industrial Drives in the USA

Variable Frequency Industrial drives are electronic devices that modify electrical currents. These variable devices channel AC electricity, transform it into DC power, and then hold the DC power until it is required. These are widely used in power sectors.


VFDs are also known as variable speed drives, adjustable speed drives, adjustable frequency drives, AC drives, microdrives, and inverters. Although VDF’s initial role is to control the frequency and voltage of the power supply to the motors, they can also come in handy in controlling speed.


Some of the Variable Frequency Industrial Drives in the USA

Below listed are some of our top-notch variable frequency industrial drives in the USA:

Reliable Variable Frequency Industrial Drives


Lenze 9300 can support you well in several tasks – they can control the speed and can control multiple drives with synchronisation and positioning. Moreover, you can add modules to it to carry out your required tasks. e.g communication module. Its consistent programming language helps you to use the drives easily i.e to go from one drive in the range to another.


  • Easy to use
  • Versatile


PowerFlex 700 AC Drive

These powerflex drives from the Allen-Bradley have a wide range of horsepower ratings. Moreover, these drives are sufficient enough to produce the simplest speed control to high-demanding torque control. On top of that, these drives provide V/Hz control and sensorless vector control.


  • Promises high-demand torque control
  • Flexible


Frequency Converter ABB ACS310-03E-25A4-4

This ABB frequency converter aids you in dealing with booster pumps and centrifugal fans. It is designed with a special and powerful feature that does not denies reliable and powerful performance under tough circumstances – as it has a built-in PID and pump controller. It meets the requirement of installers, machine builders, panel builders, etc.


  • Energy efficient
  • Economical


What do we offer?

Hassle-Free Delivery

For all orders above $500, we offer hassle-free shipping at no extra charge, as well as fast delivery between 2 to 5 business days.

Loyalty and Reliability

Frequency drives are among the most in-demand equipment in the power industries. Our goal is to increase your production by offering you reputable and reliable variable frequency industrial drives in the USA.

Reasonable Pricing

We provide the most reasonable solutions and products at the most reasonable and cost-effective prices.


Wide Variable Frequency Industrial Drives in the USA

We offer a wide range of items at competitive pricing. For your demands and budget, our professionals will assist you in making the best equipment choice. To better serve our customers, we also provide a wide range of tools and services.

  • Allen Bradley 22B-D017N104
  • New Allen Bradley 10HP Powerflex
  • Allen Bradley Kinetix 6000
  • 2019 Allen Bradley PowerFlex


Variable Frequency Industrial Drives at GE Equipment

GE Equipment is committed to giving you the best customer service, the simplest shopping experience, and the least costly priced Variable Frequency Industrial Drive in the USA. Being one of the most reliable suppliers, GE Equipment offers you a vast selection of frequency drive models of various brands to satisfy and meet all of your requirements.


Concluding, GE Equipment is the ideal place for you to purchase not just these variable frequency industrial drives in the USA, but also a variety of other machine-related tools.

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How are VFDs used in industry?

VFDs are devices that direct AC power, transform it into DC power, and then momentarily store the DC power until it is required.


VFDs are employed in what situations?

Pumps, fans, conveyor belts, and other equipment are managed by VFDs in industrial plants.


How many different kinds of VFDs exist?

Current Source, Voltage Source, and Direct Conversion drives are the three different types of AC VFDs available.


How to buy Variable Frequency Industrial Drives in the USA?

The steps are so easy. You can buy variable frequency drives from our stores or online! We also offer worldwide shipping.

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