Best Servo Motors in the USA

Since you are here to buy Servo Motor, let us explain to you how they work. Servo motors are also known as “servos”. These motors are electrical devices that allow you to rotate or push the parts of the machines precisely.


These motors are also called rotary or linear actuators. Mainly industrial and manufacturing companies make the most use of such products. A servo motor is a compact and potent device that generates sufficient power to help you in your required task.


The idea of buying reliable and energy-sufficient Servo Motors in the USA might sound like a challenging task. Nevertheless, GE Equipment has got your back. We are a leading and reliable name in the USA that brings you varied product lines to serve you well.


Besides providing Servo Motors in the USA, we can also assist you with inspection cameras, PLC power supplies, Secondary testers, Input Modules, Cisco switches, and much more.


Servo Motors in the USA


Mitsubishi HC-SFS152BK Servo Motor 

Mitsubishi HC-SFS152BK Servo Motor is one of the top-rated servo motor products in the USA. It has a 1.5kW servo motor with a brake and key from the Melservo HC series.


It is equipped with a torque of 7.16 (N x m) or 1013.9 (oz x in). The torque power is handy enough that allows the product to rotate or push the parts – to their full extent. The moment of inertia is 22.0 J(x10^-4kg x m^2) or 120 J(oz x in^2).

  • This servo motor has a voltage of 122V
  • Its revolutions per minute are 2000
  • It has an output wattage of 1.5 KW
  • Its weight is 24.2lbs (11kg)



  • Brilliant torque power
  • top-rated by many sellers


SCHNEIDER BMH1402P16A2A servo motor

The Schneider servo motor assists the machine from 0.15kW to 7kW. This servo motor presents a medium moment of inertia combined with a maximum mechanical speed of 4000RPM. It is girded with a SinCos Hiperface® encoder for the automatic conversion of data from servo motor to servo device.


It is aptly suited for high-load applications and fosters robust results.

  • It has a supply voltage of 480V.
  • Its weight is 12 Kg.



  • It is equipped with SinCos Hiperface® encoder
  • Best suited for high-load applications


Why prefer GE Equipment for Servo Motors?

 Since 2012, GE Equipment is a prime name in the USA. As we offer different products we assure their reliability. If one has difficulty using our products, we offer help and assist such buyers.


Thereby, we provides simple, precise, and reliable pieces of information about the products. Besides providing dependable information, We are a reliable and dedicated name that brings you products from assorted brands with massive pleasing offers!


30-days warranty 

Apart from a 14-day return policy, We offers a 30-days warranty for each listed item.

Services we provide

There are various services GE Equipment can assist you with. Let alone buying, there is a lot more you can do while using our website.

Repair and Calibration services

Not only just sell or buy, you can request Repair and Calibration services as well.

Equipment financing and Rental request 

We also offers equipment financing so that you can use the product on an emergency basis – paying us back periodically. We also welcome rental requests – thus providing much easier and more comfortable services.


Servo Motors on GE Equipment:

Servo motors are useful tools that come handy in dealing with heavy machine parts. While finding copper-bottomed and well-built servo motors in the USA – Choose GE Equipment – because we promise desired and required results.



Where can you use Servo motors?

Besides industrial or manufacturing tasks, Servo motors also play their part in different categories. One can use them in

  • Automobiles
  • electrically operated pieces ( such as walking robots, and elevators)
  • Food services

Servo Motors

How many types of Servo Motors are?

Usually, there are two types of Servo motors

  • AC servo motor
  • DC servo motor

An AC servo motor is commonly used today and works through encoders. Such types of servos are highly reliable and useful for industrial purposes. DC servo motors, in comparison to AC, used to get handy in the past. Nevertheless, the servo is still active and is easy to use than its first type.


Which brands are available for Servo motors at GE Equipment?

  • Rexroth
  • Allen Bradley


What are the key features of our Servo motors? 

All of the servo motors which are available at our site have good stability, high precision, robust service, high performance servo motor, and wide speed range.

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