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2023 New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-IB16S /A ControlLogix 16P Safety Input Module

Brand: Allen-Bradley

Condition: New

Model: 1756-IB16S


The Allen Bradley 1756-IB16S is a Safety Input Module designed for the ControlLogix platform, which is part of the Rockwell Automation family. Safety Input Modules are vital in industrial automation for ensuring the safe operation of machinery. Here’s a detailed product description along with its benefits:

  • Safety Input Module: This module is designed specifically for handling safety-related inputs, such as emergency stops and safety interlocks, in an industrial setting. It’s used to detect potentially dangerous conditions.
  • ControlLogix Compatibility: The module is part of the ControlLogix family, making it an integral component of a comprehensive industrial automation system.
  • 16 Inputs: It provides 16 safety input channels, allowing for the monitoring of a variety of safety devices across a production line or facility.
  • New Sealed Unit: Similar to the previous product, the “New Sealed” designation indicates that the module is brand new and has not been used. This ensures reliability and long-term operation.
  • Safety Compliance: Safety modules like this are designed to meet international safety standards, making them suitable for applications where safety is paramount.
  • Rockwell Automation: 1756-IB16S , a brand within Rockwell Automation, is well-regarded for producing high-quality and dependable industrial automation equipment.

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2023 New Sealed Allen Bradley 1756-IB16S /A ControlLogix 16P Safety Input Module

In new working and cosmetic condition. New sealed. Never factory seal 2023. See pictures.

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