3Z Telecom Products in the USA

3Z Telecom products introduced a competitive pricing model when it opened its doors, and that model still exists today. They understand that their customers need to cut costs to stay competitive. 


3Z Telecom is one of the TL-9000 certified companies. The company’s flagship product, the 3Z RF Aligner, was launched in 2012 as the world’s smallest GPS antenna alignment tool. 3Z Telecom is one of the TL-9000 certified companies. A quality assurance system based on ISO-9001 is called TL-9000. The TL-9000 standard aims to provide businesses with a way to evaluate the success of quality installation and enhancement initiatives.


Now the best deal is available for their loyal clients and customers that they can buy 3Z telecom  products in the USA. Using the right technology and good planning can significantly reduce your overhead.


History of the 3z Telecom: 

Over the years, 3Z Telecom, Inc. has been a brand trusted by leading network operators worldwide, providing innovative solutions for antenna tuning and antenna monitoring. 

  • The company’s flagship product, the 3Z RF Aligner, was launched in 2012 as the world’s smallest GPS antenna alignment tool.
  • In 2015, we launched another industry-first Antenna, WASP. It is the only wireless antenna monitoring sensor system that can alert mobile operators to antenna misalignment problems.
  • In 2017, RF Vision, 3Z’s newest dual-frequency GNSS antenna alignment tool, was launched. RF Vision is the only camera with augmented reality to enable camera-assisted line-of-sight image capture and reporting coordination.


Top 3z Telecom Products in the USA:

3Z RF Aligner:

For patch antennas and microwave systems of 3Z telecom in the USA, the 3Z RF Aligner is the most effective antenna alignment instrument in the world. The industry’s most portable GPS antenna alignment tool is the 3Z RF Aligner. You may simply purchase a 3Z RF Aligner Kit online in the USA. It includes GPS technology for calculating accurate azimuth, pitch, roll, and AGL measurements for various directional antenna systems.


The 3Z RF Aligner computes microwave path target data and is also used for microwave path alignment. Regardless of the frequency range, the 3Z RF Aligner has an alignment mode that aligns microwave antennas. The demand for 3Z telecom products in the USA is high, especially because people buy them through online platforms.



Here are the reasons and the characteristics that people choose the 3Z telecom RF Aligner.

  • This tool is the smallest and lightest of its kind
  • The only tool with a built-in touchscreen/LCD color display
  • Calculate the antenna orientation to within 0.75 degrees RMS. Immediate recording of on-site measurements
  • Integrated reports and file explorer
  • No external software is required. The user can easily extract the formatted report in seconds via her USB.


3Z RVF-2000:

An optimal wireless network requires proper antenna alignment. Network planning and design for wireless and microwave technologies costs businesses millions of dollars. It is crucial that your antenna alignment is correctly applied throughout the installation as you design the coverage targets. 


Otherwise, coverage voids, deteriorated network performance, and revenue loss would follow.


Equipping the technicians with a strong and dependable antenna alignment gear is equally crucial. The RF Vision provides an assurance that the installation was done in accordance with the RF design criteria.


Advantages of RF Vision:

Following are the advantages of the 3z telecom products in USA:

  • 30% lower OPEX expenditures compared to the RF Aligner
  • increases call quality and data traffic and improves KPIs for data users
  • camera choice
  • Weather-resistant
  • Durable surface



This 3Z Telecom product in the USA is rated  at 11.1 V DC and 1800 mA. Panel antennas and microwave systems both see network improvements in performance because of this technique. It can determine azimuth, tilt, roll, and AGL with the use of GPS technology.


With this little device, you won’t need a compass, GPS, or rangefinder. It can evaluate the electromagnetic channel and the microwave path target data for microstrip antennas. 


The 3Z RF Aligner makes sure antennas are matching target parameters for field examinations. It is designed with a simple implementation and small weight for transfer up the tower. The smallest and lightest instrument of its type, it measures azimuth, tilt, roll, and AGL all at once, and it includes a built-in touchscreen interface and color LCD display.


Features and advantages:

Following are the best features of the 3Z telecom product in the USA:

  • intended to work with point-to-point high – frequency applications as well as screen antennae.
  • Accurately determines the antenna’s orientation to 0.75 degrees RMS.
  • Instantly captures measurement techniques.
  • Report and file explorer built-in
  • Consistent and accurate reading. No “go-backs,” only “doing it properly the first time.”
  • No additional software is needed.
  • Pre-formatted reports are quickly and easily extracted by the user via USB.
  • • 99% of screen antennas fit the ubiquitous antenna clamp.


3Z Telecom Products on Gee-Equipment: 

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Gee-Equipment’s diverse inventory of new, used and refurbished equipment provides our customers with the best this industry has to offer. 

3Z Telecom
3Z Telecom


What is 3Z telecom manufactured?

It is the line of the business that repair radios and television.


When 3Z telecom was founded/established? 

It is founded in 2005 and its HQ is in USA.


Who are the biggest competitors of 3Z telecom products in the USA?

Following are the competitors of the 3Z telecom in USA:

  • Pep link
  • Uptown Communication
  • Celerway 
  • Airtride Wireless Network


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