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AFL Noyes offers a proper end-to-end solution in the USA. From engineering, construction/ maintenance, networking design along with they also manufacture the connectivity products, fiber optic cable, fusion splicing equipment, test and training and inspection equipment.


Although there are differences in cost, schedule, and layout, and no two network implementations are the same, service providers can rely on AFL as a single source to design and deploy custom, cost-effective fiber optic networks.


It is essential as a company to  listen to the client interest/needs and furthermore make areas of strength for a with different organizations. AFL manufactured the most innovative product and delivered the best services all over the USA. 


Founded in 1984, AFL prides itself on providing technical expertise, superior products and reliable service to help our customers improve their critical electrical infrastructure. 


Field Splicing Solution

In the USA Market, AFL is the only one who supplies the fusion splicers. It is one of the best selling products of AFL Fujikura in the world because of its unique ruboast and reliability of the technology. 


AFL’s products/service and support in the USA is second to none! Their team understands the high cost of equipment downtime, and in most cases, we offer our customers a 1-2 day turnaround ready to serve their time. ALF also provides 24/7 technical support in the USA.


AFL offers a wide range of fusion splicer products in the USA for field splicing applications. From the world’s most minor fusion splicer to the first rugged fusion splicer, Fujikura has been pioneering fusion splicing technology since 1979.


Dollowing are the the products related to the fiber splicing that AFL offers in the USA:

  • Fiber array tools
  • Batteries
  • Cleave tools
  • Stripping tools
  • Splice protectors


Test and inspection solutions

AFL’s testing and inspection products consistently meet and exceed customer requirements. In the USA AFL products are considered to be the best because they give accurate results. They are built to withstand off-site environments and feature an intuitive user interface that delivers fast results without the need for complex training. 


In the testing and inspection product of ALF in the USA included:

  • Inspection and cleaning
  • Loss test kits
  • Fault locators
  • Fiber identifiers
  • Optical time domain reflectometers (OTDRs). 


AFL Noyes Products:

The Noyes product line from AFL includes a wide choice of fiber optic, trying out answers that give the whole lot you want for the entire evaluation and trying out fiber optic networks. Accuracy and reliability are the hallmarks of Noyes optical devices, making the AFL Noyes product the best in the USA.


Different AFL Noyes products in the USA include:

Optical equipment consists of optical electricity meters, fault locators, fiber identifiers, laser and LED mild sources, visual loss, look-at kits, fiber certifiers and fiber optic inspection ,including fiberscopes and OTDRs. 


A brilliant listing of functions of AFL Noyes products:

  • Along with compact and light-weight designs
  • Test Results Manager (TRM) reporting software
  • Visible consumer interfaces which are intuitive and clean to operate 
  • Lots of inner reminiscence for storing take a look at results
  • Rugged production for super reliability withinside the field
  • Advanced dynamic range


Also, have the guarantees that AFL Noyes equipment and products in the USA are a number of the maximum full-featured fiber optic trying out answers to be had available in the marketplace today.


From community deployments to fiber community trying out and certification Noyes has all your fiber optic desires covered. Following are the best quality products of AFL Noyes in the USA:



In the USA, AFL’s NOYES products are considered the best, and the SMLP5-5 fiber optic test kit is one of them. It is basically the fusion of OPM5-2D optical power meter and OLS4 light source with incorporated Drove and laser light sources that empower testing of single-mode and multimode fiber networks. 


The OLS4 has 850/1300nm Drive both modes: from the multimode yield port and 1310/1550nm laser mode from the single mode mode port.Each wavelength can be transmitted individually, either CW or with a user-selectable modulated tone (SM output). 


Features of AFL Noyes SMLP5-5:

  • The customers can test two frequencies all the while, diminishing test time by taking out the need to exclusively test every frequency.
  • Eliminates loss measurement errors by automatically detecting and adjusting the incoming wavelength and the OPM to the outgoing wavelength.
  • Users can send any wavelength with Wave ID.  because there are three benefits of the Wave ID: it saves time, reduces errors and increases efficiency . 
  •  Both result ports can be investigated and cleaned thanks to the UCI-based separable connector.


 AFL/Noyes M200:

AFL Media communications’ Noyes products in the USA, for example, M200, offers unequaled OTDR capacities in a handheld bundle of under 1 kg (2 lb). Multimode, Singlemode, and “quad” frequency models are advertised.


The short no man’s land and medium reach particulars make the M200 ideal for Level 2 testing of premises organizations (structures and grounds) and accreditation and investigating of FTTx PON organizations. Furthermore, the splendid transflective presentation makes it reasonable for indoor and open air use.


The AFL Noyes M200 depends on another equipment/programming stage with programmed and manual arrangement, exact occasion examination, double frequency testing and fiber distinguishing proof with Noyes ‘TR’ test beneficiary, broad record naming and organizer arrangement, 6-hour battery Life span, inside and removable media – information capacity and USB network.


Features of best quality of AFL Noyes 

  • The test port has a toolless adapter that M200 parts can replace in seconds.
  •  A specially crafted polycarbonate case
  • The shock-retaining boot makes it our most tough OTDR of all time.
  • Results are saved as the industry standard.
  • SOR records can be seen, printed, and examined on a PC utilizing freeware accessible on the authority sites of AFL Noyes products in the USA.


AFL Noyes OFL 250-50:

AFL Telecommunications has announced A product Under Noyes product line in USA OFL250-50. Handheld Singlemode (1550 nm) fault location OTDR with an integrated optical power meter, laser source and visual fault locator. 


 The OFL250-50 is reasonable for investigating dim single-mode fiber for troubleshooting, metro and FTTx organizations networks, finding out the cable cuts, open or lossy joins, fiber curves and high misfortune/reflectance associations.


Characteristics of the AFL Noyes OFL 250-50:

  • The high-contrast display is crisp and bright in all lighting conditions, including direct sunlight.
  • The OFL250-50 offers programmed and manual arrangement,
  • exact occasion examination,
  • 12-hour battery duration,
  • Internal data storage  capacity, and USB connectivity as well.
  • The OTDR and OPM test ports are outfitted with toolless connectors.


AFL Noyes Products on Ge-Equipment:

AFL is Fujikura’s exclusive supplier of fusion splicers in the USA. It is the world’s best-selling fusion splicer brand for its unmatched technology, robustness and reliability. The company understands the high cost of equipment downtime, and offers a 1-2 day turnaround ready to serve their time.

AFL Noyes

The OFL250-50 is suitable for troubleshooting dark single-mode fiber in local, metro and FTTx networks.


Ge-Equipment offer the best quality AFL Noyes products in the USA at affordable prices. We deals with all networking Tools and test equipment in the USA. 

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What does an AFL company stand for?

AFL stands for American Federation of Labor companies that work day and night to make equipments for the betterment of the working people. 

What does the AFL do? 

Basically it provides the best industry leading products and services in the UK, they are not only manufacturing the fiber option and related products that also provide engineering and installation services as well.


Where is AFL located? 

AFL was Founded in 1984, and its HQ (headquarter) is in South California. 

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