Allen Bradley Safety Relay in the USA

Allen Bradley Safety relay provide checks and system monitoring and either authorize the equipment to start or carry out instructions to terminate the machine. Allen Bradley safety relay in the USA include Compact devices that require a specialized logic component to accomplish the safety function. They are best served by good reliability and validity relays since they are the most cost-effective option.


Where a variety of different safeguarding devices and minimum zone control are required, modular and adjustable monitoring safety relays are recommended. All Allen Bradley safety relay in the USA are cutting-edge, and their services help the equipment run more effectively while boosting production efficiency, effectiveness, and protection.


In process and differentiable industrial applications, we offer one of the biggest safety arrays available to help you meet your efficiency and security requirements.


Products of Allen Bradley Safety Relay in the USA to buy:

Guardmaster single-function safety relays:

Guardmaster single-function safety relays are manufactured to comply with functional safety requirements like ISO 13849-1 or IEC 62061, and they provide essential functions to minimize implementation time and installation hassles. Additionally, the optional EtherNet/IP Interface collects data from the GSR digital safety relays, reduces unexpected maintenance, boosts productivity, and enables The Connected Enterprise.


The Guardmaster Dual GuardLink Safety Relay expands this functionality further by allowing series-connected safety switches and sensors to communicate diagnostic and status data via GuardLink.


Features and benefits:

  • Provides a variety of safety features
  • Flexibility through straightforward reasoning, reconfiguring, and scheduling setups.
  • Includes a single-wire safety relay connection that simplifies deployment and increases system versatility.
  • Power inputs and outputs are used to organize the terminals for easy connection.
  • Provides a little solution that conserves energy and room on the DIN rail.
  • Provides uniform terminal configurations and layouts to make installation easier.


Sipha Control Units:

Another Allen Bradley safety relay in the USA is Sipha non-contact safety sensors monitored and controlled by our Sipha Control Units. A single Sipha sensor and the control unit are coupled for high-risk applications to create a high-integrity system. A single Sipha control unit may be connected to several sensors, including mechanical switches, for various applications.

Allen Bradley Safety Relay

Benefits and characteristics: 

  • Sipha non-contact safety sensor interfaces
  • Magnetic-coded sensing is among them.
  • serving as a safety relay
  • There are up to six sensor wire connectors on the Sipha 6 device.
  • provides a variety of auxiliary and safety setups
  • Allen Bradley safety relay in the USA are integrated safety solutions and components through which users can safeguard their workforce, workplace productivity, and environment.
  • With one of the widest safety portfolios in the sector, Allen Bradley safety relay in the USA can help to overcome the obstacles you face on the production floor.

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MAR Guard Control Units:

All of the mats that are joined together to form a protected zone are monitored by our MatGuardTM Control Unit. The protected area may consist of any number of mats and extend up to a maximum length of 100 m. Two safety relays are included in the controller, which communicate with the machine’s control circuit and helps provide redundancy.


Monitors a protected area of up to 100 m2 and many safety mats linked to one another. The following are the benefits and features of the MAR Guard control unit:

  • provides an adjustable voltage supply,
  • features automatic and manual reset,
  • The four-wire system is included to detect openings and shorts.
  • Provides cULus Listed and TÜV Certified third-party validation.


Allen Bradley Safety Relay at Ge-equipment:

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The Guardmaster Dual GuardLink Safety Relay and Sipha control units were two Allen Bradley safety relay products manufactured in the USA. Guardmaster single-function safety relays are IEC 62061 or ISO 13849-1 compliant and offer crucial features to reduce configuration and system maintenance.


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What differentiates a safety relay from a regular relay?

Safety Relays have firmly directed connections that prohibit NO and NC connections from working simultaneously during interface welding, allowing the Safety Relay itself to recognize impact metalwork. Building safety systems can incorporate this. Contacts on overall relays are not compelled directed.


What is a safety relay module? 

Devices such as safety controllers and relay modules are used in the safety-related section of control systems to carry out control and ensure that machine activity is only authorized when safety has been established.


What safe is Category 3?

Category 3 is a general term for a proposed methodology that the design engineers apply. It implies that all security procedures have redundancy channels and that the equipment is built not simply to check for flaws but also to do so.

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