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The biggest company in network and service enablement, as well as optical surveillance efficiency technologies and solutions, is VIAVI Solutions. The largest mobile carriers in the world, government agencies, enterprise networks, application developers, and companies who lay the fiber and build the towers that keep us connected all benefit from our solutions’ success. As we know, the Viavi products in the USA is preferable because of its quality.


  • The beginning of Viavi Solutions may be traced to 1979, when a company called Uniphase was founded in a garage in San Jose, California, to produce lasers for chip manufacturers and scanners.
  • As a result of acquisitions and mergers, the business subsequently adopted the moniker JDS Uniphase, or just JDSU.


Best quality Viavi Products in the USA:

Xgig Fiber Channel Load Tester:

Stress-testing the infrastructure with a load at and above the maximum permissible connection speed is crucial in determining the dependability of Fiber Channel technology. The Xgig Fiber Channel Load Tester lets users ultimately build mesh data transmission configurations and simulate traffic volumes.


Analyze both transferred and received significant quantities of information, removing the need to construct elaborate test configurations, including several servers and storage arrays. The Xgig Fiber Channel Load Tester is the best tool for evaluating Fiber Channel fabrics and switches for performance, the integrity of information, resilience, adaptability, and expansion. It also has easy-to-use extensive statistical and analytical skills.


Features and Advantages:

  • Test automation is possible.
  • Captures triggers and control frames Xgig Analyzer helps investigate the underlying reasons for link problems.
  • Tests using the Xgig FCoE Load Tester on the FCoE to FC topology
  • AffordableMaintains line frequency flow in the most trying test conditions
  • Integrates large-scale network performance testing with the verification of Fiber Channel functionality.
  • Very accurate high-resolution latency measurement
  • At 1/2/4/8/16G Fiber Channel, total line rate traffic production and load testing
  • Complies with FCoE topology (with FCoE Load Tester ports)
  • Maximum 255 NPIV
  • Evaluation of high-resolution latency using up to 64 time-sync ports ten ns reliability for delay


 3Z RF Vision:

Another revolutionary Viavi product in the USA called 3Z RF Vision makes it simple for consumers to execute precise antenna alignment on panel and microwave point-to-point antennas. The 3Z RF Vision has set the way for antenna alignment with its:

  • User-friendly GUI,
  • Small size
  • Innovative reporting features
  • tough build
  • in-built camera.

Antenna alignment is critical during wireless communication construction. Network planning and design for Bluetooth and microwave technologies cost businesses billions of dollars. It is also necessary to precisely apply antenna alignment throughout the installation to establish the range targets.

VIAVI Products

If not, coverage voids, deteriorated network operation, and lack of revenue will ensue. Equipping installers with an efficient and dependable antenna alignment gear is equally crucial.


Advantages /benefits:

  • Maximize voice and data traffic quality
  • Produce trustworthy, automated line-of-sight surveys.
  • Directional antennas (strip, radiofrequency, and cylinder-shaped antennas) must be precisely aligned.
  • Lessen churn
  • Lower OPEX
  • Produce reliable, automated line-of-sight tests.
  • Align the antenna with the RF architecture to increase data user throughput and KPIs.


CellAdvisor 5G

The industry and one of the most user-friendly, inventive, and thorough wireless device analysis viavi products in the USA are VIAVI CellAdvisor 5G. It is the best outdoor device for deploying and validating 5G radio access networks. One of the most adaptable cell site test alternatives available, it combines real-time spectrum analysis with 5G beam analysis and the capacity to test fiber, coax, and air interfaces.


This tool can handle all tasks, including spectral processing, interference analysis, and simple fiber connection inspection. With a cloud-enabled VIAVI StrataSync and an intuitive user interface, it’s simple to prepare reports and finish tasks quickly.


Up to eight wide-band carriers’ strengths, the most substantial beam power level and its accompanying ID are measured by a 5G carrier scanner. An analysis tool for 5G beams that measure each beam’s ID, power level, and corresponding signal-to-noise ratios 5G route map for confirming coverage, showing the beam intensity in real-time, and making data available for post-processing


Characteristics and Benefits:

Following are the benefits and characteristics of viavi products in the USA:

  • With reliability, evaluate and install all different nodes, including fiber, coax, and RF.
  • With software configuration, you may update to new features and technologies for the highest overall cost of ownership.
  • Utilize the same technology for interference analysis, hunting, and PIM detection.
  • Get paid quickly by producing reports with the easy click of a mouse.
  • Real-time spectrum and interference analysis for 5G FR1 (sub-6GHz) and FR2 with persistence display (mmWave)


Some highlights of the VIAVI Products and its History:

  • Software developed to collect network packets from software-defined connectivity (SDN) systems for investigative and performance research was released in August 2015, according to an announcement by Viavi.
  • Frequency of building hikes and enhanced safety, the business introduced capabilities to its CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer in February 2016 to provide baseline testing during tower erection.
  • Additionally, the business unveiled the GEOson network automation and management solution for testing 4G and 5G networks.


VIAVI Products at GE Equipment: 

In the USA, many people are looking and visiting different websites to purchase tools and equipment related to Networking servers and telecom. But they still cannot make decisions because they open other company websites and compare prices to get the best quality product and save money.


Xgig Fiber Channel Load Tester, Xgig Analyzer, and GEOson network automation and management system are examples of Viavi products. The finest equipment and outdoor device for setting up and testing 5G radio access networks are CellAdvisor 5G.


GE Equipment is an online platform where you can get all the information about all the Viavi products with prices. The best advantages are that you get all the products in good condition and at an affordable price. For further details, you can visit our official store.

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Why would someone use VIAVI? 

The ideal test instrument for installing and maintaining cell sites, enabling RFoCPRI and narrowband IoT testing, spectrum and interference measurement, and much more is VIAVI CellAdvisor Base Station Analyzer.


Is Viavi Solutions a reputable business?

4.1 out of 5 stars are assigned to VIAVI Solutions based on over 377 anonymous company employee reviews. 77% of workers are optimistic about the company, and 84% would suggest VIAVI Solutions to a friend. Over the past 12 months, this rating has increased by 4%.


What business did VIAVI purchase? 

To meet the needs of their customers, VIAVI, a pioneer in the test, measurement, and assurance of communications networks collaborates actively with communication service providers (CSPs) and their expansive ecosystems.

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