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Are you wondering PanelView in the USA, should you use for one’s application, and why? How do you choose the prototype that will ultimately benefit your automation system? We respond to all of your inquiries.


The majority of today’s operating systems would not be complete without graphical terminals. Users will be able to achieve visualisation of the process they are attempting to manage if access is provided where it is required, and this will enable them to make adjustments quickly and accurately.


 The PanelView Plus 7:

The PanelView Plus 7 Human Machine Interface (HMI) and MicroLogix 1400 Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) from Allen-Bradley is now available as a standard operator console. The PV Plus 7 takes things a step further in terms of improving usability which makes it one of the best PanelView in the USA.


Those who employ other Allen-Bradley products in their facility that is capable of communicating over Ethernet/IP will find that the PanelView Plus 7 is an excellent choice.



  • The use of aluminum in the construction of the housing contributes to the high-quality appearance and feel of the HMI. In addition, the touch screen has a better resolution, which results in graphics that are more distinct when viewed.
  • While data logging can be accomplished through the use of Ethernet/IP, the PV Plus 7 also has the capability of producing a CSV file of the system data and storing it on a USB drive.
  •  On the PanelView, you may also examine real-time data trends as they develop. The data trend graphs also have a look back option that enables users to study data from earlier in the system’s history.


PanelView Plus 6:

The PanelView Plus 6, being one of the top PanelView in the USA, is an excellent option for legacy systems and legacy equipment due to the fact that it is one of the oldest models in the PanelViews family.



  • The capabilities of the PanelView 6 are comparable to those of the PanelView Plus 7 Performance. On the other hand, in contrast to the Plus 7 Performance, the Plus 6 achieves this functionality through a greater degree of modular adaptability.
  • As a result of modularity, the PanelView Plus 6 is more flexible, and it can therefore be a solution that offers a good value for the proper system requirements.
  • This versatility is further improved by the bigger range in screen size and quality that is available on the PanelView Plus 6, which makes it an excellent fit for a variety of different automation applications.


The compact version of PanelView Plus 6:

The Plus 6 Compact provides the same level of access to Logix platforms as the Plus 7 Performance, making it an excellent choice for smaller solutions.



  • The PanelView 6 Plus Compact has capabilities comparable to that of the Plus 6, but in a device that is both smaller and more compact which makes it one of the best functioning in the USA.
  • Additionally, the PanelView 6 Plus Compact lacks certain functions that are included in the Plus 6. The FactoryTalk View ME version 6 or a later version is pre-installed on each terminal of the Plus 6 Compact, just as it is with the Plus 6.
  •  It enables up to 25 screens and a maximum of 200 alarms.
  • Screen sizes range from 3.5 inches in black and white to 10.4 inches in color, making it compatible with a large variety of devices.
  • In addition, the Plus 6 Compact can run on either AC or DC power, and it utilizes the Windows CE operating system.
  • When compared to other versionsin the USA, it may be installed with a very low profile, which enables it to provide a greater number of port connections.
  • The smaller 4″ and 6″ variants of the Plus 6 Compact come equipped with one USB 2.0 Type-A port and one USB 2.0 Type-B port. Versions with larger screen sizes, such as the 10″ version, come with two of both Type A and Type B.


PanelView 800

The Panel View 800 was developed to offer a reliable HMI solution at a price that is focused on value. However, some concessions must be made. Due to the Panel View 800’s limited connectivity, only CompactLogix 5370 and Micro800 controllers, as well as PLC-5/Controllers for Ether Net and PLCC-5/SLC MicroLogix Controllers, can be connected.

  • In comparison to the other PanelViews in the USA, the PanelView800 has a significantly reduced number of graphical features. It is only possible to handle 25 displays and 200 alerts through a single terminal, and it comes in four different sizes: 4″, 7″, and 10″.


Why GEequipment?

All these top PanelView in the USA are available at Greenway Enterprises. Get in touch with us to get a quote on prices or if you need more information on the working of Panel Views.



What things to keep in mind while choosing panelview in the usa?

The type of configuration or topology that is required for your automation system will determine the type of Panel View that you choose to use in your system.


How do I choose the best panelview in the USA?

After determining the sort of system, the next step is to choose how many and what kind of Panel View will work best for the application. Systems can range from those that only require a single HMI to those that make use of a large number of HMIs. And for several HMI configurations, different Panel View.


How do end-users get to the Configuration Menu?

For the purpose of customising various aspects of your terminal’s behavior, such as its network connection, screen resolution, and time and date settings, Panel View 5000 applications ship with pre-defined System panels.

These panels are part of the terminal’s default software, built into the terminal’s firmware, and enable for configuration changes to be done without the need to install any further programs.


Is there a way to find out the user’s firmware version?

The HMI Device’s default screen displays the installed firmware version.


If a user wants to upgrade the firmware, how do they do it?

In order to upgrade the firmware of a Panel View 5500 terminal, the proprietary ControlFLASH program must be used. The Studio 5000 setup package comes with this application.


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Is it possible to use different runtime versions on the PanelView 5000 terminal?

In contrast to ControlLogix firmware and Logix Designer, PanelView 5000 only supports a single version, which is tied to the version of View Designer.

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