Compactlogix Controllers in the USA

The enhanced security provided by CompactLogix controllers in the USA supports a defense-in-depth strategy for safeguarding your facilities, assets, and intellectual property. Digitally signed and encrypted firmware, controller-based change detection, compliance audits, and other robust cybersecurity technologies are all included in the controller. It also offers add-on instructions and procedures role-based network access.


The CompactLogix system is a Logix control system widely used in small and medium industrial applications in the USA. These systems are designed to control machine-level applications. CompactLogix systems are typically built using controllers with I/O modules and DeviceNet communication networks.


System development and commissioning may be sped up by using data definitions that can be obtained and reused across the Studio 5000 environment.


Best Compactlogix controllers in USA:

The Following are the best compactlogix controllers in the USA:

CompactLogix 5370 controller:

The Integrated Architecture system includes one of the best compactlogix controllers in the USA: CompactLogixTM 5370 Controllers. These controllers employ the same programming language, network protocol, and information capabilities as all other Logix controllers and also have incorporated safety. 


This offers all control disciplines similar development tools. Users may reduce engineering investment costs, simplify diagnostics and troubleshooting, and accelerate time to market for small to medium-sized products with the aid of standardized tools and functions.

Compactlogix Controllers


  • Ideal for applications requiring minimal axis motion and I/O point counts in small to medium-sized systems
  • provides Integrated Motion over EtherNet/IPTM capability for maximum scalability.
  • helps boost network resilience by offering support for Device Level Ring (DLR) network topologies.
  • provides a more convenient form element to maximize cabinet space.
  • holds up to two axes Simple flexible robotics mechanics


CompactLogix 5380 controller:

In response to consumer demand for increased precision and connection, Rockwell Automation introduces the new Allen-Bradley Compactlogix controller in the USA that is known as:CompactLogix 5380 controller, which provides up to 20% more application capabilities than earlier CompactLogix iterations.


Their CompactLogix 5380 controller combines the advantages of Rockwell Automation’s Integral Architectural catalog to their CompactLogix footprint and is suitable for high-speed applications with up to 20 axes of motion.


Controlled outputs are said to reduce I/O response times to as little as 0.2 milliseconds when used in conjunction with the brand-new Allen-Bradley Bulletin 5069 Compact I/O system. Execution of tasks can happen very instantly thanks to event triggers from I/O modules.


Advantages of CompactLogix 5380:

  • DLR (Device Level Ring) topologies or the usage of numerous Ips are supported by dual reconfigurable Gigabit Ethernet connections.
  • I/O module activity, modules integrity, and connection status are all shown by diagnostics digital readouts.
  • Without attaching the controller to a computer, it enables operators and specialists to comprehend issues better.
  • Integrated system and field current terminals also assist in minimizing connectivity towards the I/O module.


Compactlogix 5480 controller:

Controller for the Allen-Bradley CompactLogix 5480 was unveiled by Rockwell Automation. Employees may observe equipment output directly from the source because of the controller’s integration of a Logix control engine and the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system on a single platform.



  • Up to 150 axes of motion can be supported by applications using the CompactLogix 5480 controller. 
  • To increase machine productivity, the controller also offers kinematic changes and scan-time executing.
  • The controller integrates several security features, such as digitally signed encryption, role-based access, and user identification and authorisation. 
  • Additionally, any operating system interruptions have no impact on machine or line control since the Windows operating system is independent of the control engine.


Compactlogix Controllers at GE Equipment

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The CompactLogix controllers in the USA are basically a series of Logix controllers that are used widely in small and medium industrial applications. These systems are designed to control machine-level applications.


The enhanced security provided by Compactlogix controllers supports a defense-in-depth strategy for safeguarding your facilities, assets, and intellectual property Controller’s integration of a Logix control engine and the Microsoft Windows 10 IoT Enterprise operating system on a single platform. 


Generation of the Compactlogix controllers in the USA in early years:

Modern control, I/O, and communication capabilities are offered in a small package by Compactlogix controllers. According to the input, output, memory, communication module, case type, and mounting choices of each application, many versions of Compactlogix controllers have been introduced in the USA.


  • To increase your storage capacity, you may insert a Flash memory card.
  • Any CompactLogix system may be installed on a DIN rail.
  • A lithium-ion battery serves as the controller’s power source.
  • Keep the battery in a cool, dry location.
  • Device-level ring, linear, and conventional star topologies are supported by controller. All CompactLogix controllers are sent from the US.

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What is a CompactLogix controller?

A popular Logix controller system in medium- and small-scale industrial applications is the CompactLogix system. These systems are employed to manage machine-level software applications. The DeviceNet communication network and a controller with I/O modules are often used to construct a CompactLogix system.


 What software is deployed by CompactLogix?

5000 Logix Designer Studio


What distinguishes CompactLogix from ControlLogix?

The most well-known lines of Automation controllers from Allen-Bradley are ControlLogix and CompactLogix. Higher I/O numbers and larger, more demanding systems are the targets of the ControlLogix’s architecture. The CompactLogix is better suited to smaller applications because of its more compact and cheap frame.

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