Keysight Technologies Products in the USA

Each year, more than half of the smartphones sold are built and tested using Keysight equipment.  In the US, the aerospace and military sectors employ Keysight products to design and test sophisticated avionics, satellite, radar, and GPS systems, communication systems and surveillance. 


To produce high-speed digital technology with cutting-edge functionality while ensuring compatibility and conformity with regulatory requirements, Keysight Technologies can assist. They support advancement in advanced technology for the particular electronic industry. 


In the more than 70 years since it was founded, Keysight Technologies has maintained its reputation for excellence and precision in electronics measurement. As electronics technology progresses, Keysight keeps up with client demands to provide the best test and measurement tools on the market.


Top Keysight products in the USA:

The following are the essential products of keysight in the USA:

EL30000 series electronic bench loads:

The EL30000 Keysight product in the USA is highly preferred because this tool allows the technician to visualize the test insight in real time. With its built-in data recorder, the Keysight EL30000 Series Bench electronic load offers unique layers of test results for your devices, including voltage regulators, battery packs, DC-to-DC converters, and more.


Instead of waiting hours for a test to finish, view voltage and current patterns to make judgments right now. The EL30000’s core component is a precise measuring system that refreshes the big display in real-time. 


The PathWave BenchVue software from Keysight enables remote control operation of the electrical load and test sequence execution, data logging, and instrument integration. For tests requiring additional power, single and dual-channel variants with up to 600 W are offered. Start your examination with assurance, and end it with reliable findings.


Features and benefits of EL30000:

  • Upto 150 V for test voltages
  • Sink current of 60 or 120 A or more
  • Use the following operating modes: continuous power, uniform resistance, direct frequency, and constant voltage (CP)
  • Four-wire remotely sensed data improves power control.
  • Utilize the LIST feature of the device to create an interactive demand profile.
  • Communicate using optional GPIB, LAN (LXI Core), and USB.


Arbitrary Waveform Generators:

Greater accuracy is provided by Keysight arbitrary waveform generators (AWGs), which simultaneously give high resolution and broad bandwidth. With this unique mix and our adaptable form factors, you may produce signal situations that test the limits of your design and add a fresh perspective to your research.


The M8100 series provides excellent AWG alternatives with sampling rates of as much as 256 GSa/s on four channels consecutively for the most challenging circumstances. Increase your existence by acquiring bits and capacity.


Benefits and characteristics AWG’s:

  • They were providing the proper stimuli to the device under test (DUT) and observing the behavior that results are necessary for testing an electronic system. 
  • Certain stimuli originate from the outside environment, but the right equipment must provide a set of signals for the most part. 
  • These sources are capable of producing a wide range of stimuli, allowing for the establishment and validation of the DUT’s working capacity. 
  • An AWG can produce any signal, offering the best possible client solution.


P50xxA Streamline Series USB VNA:

Another marvelous product of Keysight in the USA is that Performance shouldn’t have to be sacrificed for portability in network analysis. The Keysight P500xA / P502xA USB vector network analyzers improve the outstanding quality and flexibility of the portable Keysight Streamline Series (VNAs). 

Keysight Technologies Products

Using network analysis software tools, you may explore, characterize, and debug your designs in various measuring applications. With the most comprehensive software selection for USB network analyzers, including spectrum analysis and pulsed-RF measurements, the P500xA and P502xA offer more profound insights.



  • Utilize a broad range of frequencies up to 53 GHz.
  • By cascading two devices, you may increase the number of test ports.
  • Give your gadgets an entire personality with a diverse range of software programmes.
  • Get standardized technologies for USB, modular, and bench platforms.


  • This portable VNA may be easily shared between your test locations.
  • Utilize the exact calibration and measurement methodology as the well-known Keysight VNAs for reliable measurement results (PNA, ENA, and PXI VNA).
  • Using the same simple graphical user interface, transitioning between VNA models may be done more affordably.
  • Enjoy a USB form factor that is small without sacrificing functionality.


Keysight Products on GE Equipment:

GE Equipment provides various instruments and tools, including Input Modules, Circuit Breakers, Phased Array, Secondary Testers, Cisco Switches & Routers, Ultrasounds, and many others. We help our customers with their equipment by buying and selling it, accepting trade-ins, and offering lifetime maintenance, equipment rental, repairs, calibrations, and support.


Regardless of the application, Keysight Technologies in the USA allows wireless equipment manufacturers to create the most incredible solutions and deliver the best user experience.

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Is Keysight a US-based business?

An American business called Keysight Technologies, generally known as Keysight, develops software and hardware for testing and measuring electrical components.


Who are the opponents of Keysight Technologies in the USA?

Competitors and related businesses to Keysight Technologies include Astronics, Fluke, Fortive, Cadence, and Viavi Solutions.


Is Keysight now Agilent?

The electrical measuring firm was known as Keysight Technologies, while the biosciences company kept its Agilent identity.

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