Giddings and Lewis products in the USA

Giddings and Lewis products . is a leading American manufacturer of industrial automation products and machine tools and is ranked the fourth largest machine tool manufacturer in the world.


Giddings and Lewis supplies manufacturers in 250 different industries, including aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, appliances, electronics and energy, and serves customers in 70 countries.



In 1859, John Bonnell built a machine shop in the USA when Giddings and Lewis was founded. During World War I, the British government commissioned the company to manufacture a large number of lathes for the United States.


The company acquired the Davis Tool Company in the mid-1940s. In 1966 G&L expanded the product line to include aircraft profilers for the 747, DC-10 and SuperSonic Transport. In April 1993, new management moved to Eastern Europe to expand the company’s customer base.


Major Product lines of Giddings and lewis:

Some major product lines of Giddings and lewis in the USA:

  1. Automated assembly process
  2. Manufacture of measurement and control systems
  3. programmable industrial processor
  4. High-precision automatic machine tools
  5. Flexible inspection routine


Best products of G&L in the USA:

The following are the best-quality product of G&L in the USA:




With tables ranging from 800 to 1600 mm, the Giddings and Lewis V Series vertical lathes are designed for accuracy, productivity, and adaptability. Giddings and Lewis is known for its sturdy construction, and the V Series is made to provide the best functionality and dependability available on the market at a competitive price.


These vertically rotating centers provide the only ones on the market with an infinitely movable cross rail. The machines can handle various parts and sizes thanks to this ground-breaking capability.


On the other hand, the C-axis provides full contouring capabilities, enabling you to drill, mill, and turn various features wherever they are on a workpiece. An optional live spindle offers grinding, milling, drilling, and tapping capabilities for even more versatility.



The following are the features of the G&L product in the USA:

  • Advanced Accuracy And Incredible Versatility 
  • Cast iron bottom that is solid and intended to withstand the high cutting forces and loads
  • Highly rigid for increased resiliency and longevity
  • A hydrostatic ram provides additional stiffness for heavily loaded ram machining.


1000 to 6000 GIDDINGS and LEWIS V SERIES

Based on client input, the Giddings and Lewis VTC Series, with tables ranging from 1000 mm to 6000 mm, is created to fulfill the unique cutting requirements of various sectors.


Flexibility is prioritized in the designs, and each machine may do several tasks. For further adaptability, there are also several tooling and attachment choices.


These vertical turning centers include a unique, endlessly adjustable cross rail, precisely like the smaller Giddings and Lewis V Series versions. This revolutionary component allows the machines to handle a wide range of part types and sizes, up to 7 m in diameter and 150 000 kg in weight. 


The C-axis offers complete contouring capabilities, while the entire X-axis motion to the left and right of the center simplifies probing operations. Added flexibility provided via an optional live spindle increases the ability to mill, drill, and tap. These machines’ rigid construction guarantees accurate, repeatable cutting of massive components to micron-specific specifications.


Essential qualities and advantages:

  • increasing table rigidity with signature table bearing
  • Preventing elements that are tall or uneven from toppling
  • Design of a symmetrical carriage
  • improved weight-to-strength ratio
  • uniformity of the heating
  • a hydrostatic ram with excellent damping properties



Because of the G&L product installation in the USA, the VLC models series are on a large scale along with cutting-edge attachments. People in the USA consider this G&L product to be one of the most flexible and economical turning machines. 


The Y-axis adapter from Giddings and Lewis accelerates and reduces the cost of machining. It saves essential production time since there is no need to relocate the item to a horizontal machine when it is possible to mill off-center features on the side of a part.


The SL 250 Latch Plate Tooling Solution is a reliable and economical machining connection. It is a safe and reliable tooling attachment for heavy-duty cutting with four Hydrodock clamping components that deliver better, fail-safe gripping. The SL 250 Latch Plates Design and manufacturing System connects to conventional modular equipment systems and, as standard, disperses liquid across the spindle.


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The Giddings and Lewis products in the USA are well known because of their clients and loyal customers. Giddings and Lewis was founded in 1859 in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. During World War I, the British government commissioned the company to manufacture a large number of lathes for the U.S. 

Giddings and Lewis products

Customers include aerospace, automotive, construction, defense, appliances, electronics and energy. Vertical turning centers include a unique, endlessly adjustable cross rail. Giddings & Lewis VTC Series machines are the most versatile and cost-effective turning machines on the market.

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Giddings and Lewis: Are they still in operation?

G&L is more than just another machine tool supplier; instead, it is your complete solution provider and a pioneer in the design, manufacture, and maintenance of machine tools. Fives Giddings and Lewis have prioritized offering reliable, durable machine tools for several sectors. We still do this now.


Who purchased Lewis and Giddings?

ThyssenKrupp acquired Giddings and Lewis for $675 million, and he started a $100 million effort to create a new line of tools.


What products do Giddings and Lewis sell?

Vertical turning centers made by Giddings & Lewis are renowned for their unmatched rigidity, distinctive usefulness, and exceptional capacity. They developed the standard for high-cutting tools with cast iron milling machines, hydrodynamic ram, and extensive capacity table bearings mechanisms.

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