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Allen Bradley Power Flex 4 22A-D4P0N104 AC Drive 342-528V 3PH


Condition: Used

Model: 22A-D4P0N104


The Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4 22A-D4P0N104 is an AC drive, also known as a Variable Frequency Drive (VFD), is designed to control the speed and torque of three-phase AC induction motors in various industrial applications. Here are some key features and specifications of the Allen Bradley PowerFlex 4 22A-D4P0N104 AC Drive:

  • Input Voltage Range: The drive accepts an input voltage range of 342 to 528 volts AC for three-phase power supply systems.
  • Power Rating: The drive has a power rating of 4.0 kilowatts (kW), which represents the maximum output power it can deliver to the connected motor.
  • Output Current: The drive is capable of supplying up to 10.4 amperes (A) of output current to the motor, depending on the load and application requirements.
  • Control Method: The PowerFlex 4 drive utilizes a variable frequency control method to adjust the speed of the motor, allowing precise control and energy-saving capabilities.
  • Protection Features: The PowerFlex 4 drive includes various protection features like overload protection, short circuit protection, and thermal protection to safeguard the motor and drive from faults and abnormal conditions.
  • Communication Capabilities: The drive supports communication options like RS-485 Modbus RTU, allowing integration with a broader control network.

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