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Keysight Agilent E8361A E8361C Microwave Multiplier Amplifier 5087-7248 50877248

Brand: Agilent

Condition: Used

Model: 5087-7248


Keysight Agilent E8361A E8361C With the ability to do general-purpose network analysis across a frequency range of 10MHz to 67GHz, the Keysight E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer offers extra hardware and software for multiport, pulsed-RF, and other modifications. High output power and a broad power-sweep range make the Keysight E8361C an excellent choice for testing active and passive components, such as amplifiers and filters. The Keysight Microwave Network Analyzer can test up to 32 channels with 20,001 points at a 26 sec/point measurement speed. Additionally, there are options for testing millimeter-wave components, antennas, pulsed radio frequency, harmonics, intermodulation distortion (IMD), and mixers. 

  • Balanced measurement for Keysight Agilent E8361A E8361C: 

For balanced measurements, the Keysight E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer offers a precise true-mode stimulus with a dynamic range of 94 dB and trace noise of less than 0.006 dB. 

  • Versatility: 

Outstanding versatility is also provided by the Keysight E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer, which enables signal routing (via internal switches) to include external filters, pre-amplifiers, and extra test equipment.

  • Intuitive operational interference of Keysight Agilent E8361A E8361C:

 With an intuitive operational interface and a large 10.4-inch touch-screen display with click-and-drag markers and a zoom feature, the E8361C Analyzer is designed for ease of use. The Agilent E8361C PNA Microwave Network Analyzer was the model that preceded the Keysight E8361C in production. 

Features of Keysight Agilent E8361A E8361C: 

  • The frequency range is 10 MHz to 67 GHz. 
  • <0.006 dB trace noise and a dynamic range of 94 dB (specified to 67 GHz, with operation to 70 GHz) 
  • 32 channels, 20,001 points TRL/LRM calibration, on-wafer, in-fixture, waveguide, and antenna measurements, and <26 uses/point measurement speed 
  • Isolation, absolute group delay, return loss, and mixer conversion loss 
  • Compression of amplifier gain, harmonic, IMD, and pulsed-RF 

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