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Keysight Agilent W1312-60141 W1312-60212 N9038A CPU Module W131260141 W131260212

Brand: Agilent

Condition: Used

Model: W1312-60068


The Keysight Agilent W1312-60141 W1312-60212 N9038A CPU Module, also known as W131260141 and W131260212, is an advanced instrument used for electronic measurement and analysis. Created by Keysight Technologies, a prominent test and measurement solutions provider, this CPU module is precisely engineered to provide engineers and researchers with exceptional processing capabilities and adaptability. 

Capabilities of Keysight Agilent W1312-60141 W1312-60212:

The W1312-60141 (W1312-60212) N9038A CPU Module has powerful computing capabilities, allowing for fast data processing and analysis across various applications. This module provides:

  • Outstanding performance.
  • Enabling users to efficiently and precisely analyze complicated signals and execute advanced algorithms.
  • Resulting in quick and precise insights. 

Features of Keysight Agilent W1312-60141 W1312-60212:

  • high-performance signal analyzer.

This CPU module is designed to be used with the N9038A high-performance signal analyzer. It can be easily integrated into current test settings, improving the instrument’s capabilities and expanding its functionality. The system’s modular design allows for simple installation and scalability, offering the flexibility to adjust to changing testing needs. 

  • Durable and Reliable:

The W1312-60141 (W1312-60212) N9038A CPU Module is designed to be reliable, guaranteeing constant performance even in challenging test situations. The durable design and sophisticated heat management capabilities provide efficient performance over long periods, reducing interruptions and maximizing efficiency. 

  • Provides customers various measuring and analysis facilities:

This CPU module provides customers various measuring and analysis facilities, enabling them to handle many applications, including wireless communication testing and radar signal processing. The Keysight Agilent W1312-60141 (W1312-60212) N9038A CPU Module is a versatile and essential tool for engineers and researchers who aim for excellence in electronic measurement and analysis. It is used in R&D labs, manufacturing sites, and academic organizations. 

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